Foden and Greenwood kicked out after night out with women / International / England /

Another deflower that goes wrong.

In the wake of their first time with England, Saturday in Iceland (0-1 victory), Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood decided to mark the occasion. To celebrate this unforgettable moment, the crack of Manchester City and that of Manchester United offered themselves a moment of relaxation by bringing women into the hotel, despite the health rules imposed by UEFA. A small evening that ended on Snapchat, where they would have posted several images.

Coach Gareth Southgate had no choice but to confirm they would not make the trip to Denmark for Tuesday’s meeting. While taking care to specify that they had not been in contact with the rest of the group, and refusing to overwhelm his two young people: “I am a father, my children are young adults. I know that at that age we can make mistakes » .

At that age, you can also have children. Or at least train.


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