Foil and wool blankets care for a crashed quad bike driver who was scared of law enforcement officers

Responding to the situation, the law enforcement officers immediately stopped at the crashed quad bike. Its driver was conscious, but complained of severe pain in his leg and arm. The man who crashed was ordered to stay still until the EMS crew arrived.

To prevent the victim from freezing, the police officers covered him with a foil blanket, and after a moment, a passing woman approached the law enforcement officers and offered a woolen blanket to cover the victim until the medical team arrived.

A little later, an ambulance arrived and concluded that the man needed to be hospitalized at a medical facility. Also, the State Police crew arrived at the scene and took over the work to assess the circumstances of the situation.

Until the help of the municipal police was no longer needed at the scene, the law enforcement officers returned the blanket to a passing woman and thanked her for her help.

RPP reminds that when the first snow falls, the roads become particularly slippery, so during the winter period, when ice forms on the roads, it is very important to follow the driving speed appropriate to the conditions, because the braking distance becomes longer during the winter, therefore it is essential to avoid rapid maneuvers that create dangerous situations .

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