Follow the National Day live: Concerts to close the party

With family or beers in hand, the party is already in full swing in Luxembourg City. Well refreshed by small showers at the end of the afternoon, the capital very quickly put on its festive clothes to find an atmosphere worthy of the name for the celebrations of the national holiday.

Concerts all over the city center, motivated parents accompanied by impatient children, and above all a very mild temperature which will allow everyone, and a lot of people, to gradually climb the towers over the evening. !

“After two years without a real national holiday,” recalls Gilles, a father living near Echternach, “everyone is very happy to return to Luxembourg City. For the children, for example, it’s a first experience and they are very happy. We are mainly there to enjoy the atmosphere and to see friends again. We hope that the children will hold out until the fireworks.

For Adrien, from Luxembourg, “there was a kind of vacuum that had been created for two years” with the restrictions linked to Covid-19. “It’s nice to see everyone again,” continues the student with a Luxembourg flag in the shape of a cape. “We have just eaten with all our friends, so here we are going to go over the ”drinks” part. Our objective? Hold out until daybreak around 6 a.m.

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