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“Follow up on the presentation” of the Al-Fatwa series H 29 .. Episode 29 of the “Al-Fatwa series” Hassan Al-Jabali on Al-Hayat Al-Hamra

Al-Fatwa Episode 29 Ramadan 2020 Many fans of the artist Yasser Jalal are waiting around the Arab world for episode 28 of the Fatwa series, due to what episode 27 witnessed from events that will change the impact of the general line of the series’s progress, where Fadl went with the cecum to the cache in which Hassan al-Jabali was found to be surprised at the time that he He is still alive, as Jabali told him that he wants to return to the aesthetic as soon as possible, but after his wound is healed.

Episode 29, the series of Fatwa Yasser Jalal

After the news of Hassan Al-Jabali’s death spread, his mother was unable to endure the shock, and she died, which made his daughter Nora enter into a state of intense crying about her grandmother and her father’s separation. Fadl’s visit to al-Jabali told him that his six-year-old mother Houriya had passed away, al-Jabali’s grief deeply saddened and told him that he was feeling it. Fadl also told him that Laila, his wife, was pregnant with his child, which encouraged al-Jabali to return to Al-Gamalia again to protect his family and restore the fatwa again.

Fatwa series episode 29

Azmi went to Hassan Al-Jabali’s house to perform the duty of consolation as is the custom, but Zainab, the daughter of six, a fairy did not accept consolation from him and accused him that he caused all the deaths of her mother and her brother. The severe because of the death of Houria, who was enjoying love from all her neighbors and all the residents of the Jamaliyeh neighborhood because of the kindness of her heart, and Jabali also rescued Abu al-Dhaif after he got thugs to kill him and the episode’s events ended on that.

From here episode 29 of the series, Fatwa Yasser Jalal, through Al-Hayat channel

Fatwa series episode 29, starring Yasser Jalal, on Al-Hayat channel

The dates of the presentation and replay of the series Hassan Al-Jabali

  • Showcased on Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar channel.
  • At twelve and a half at night, Egyptian time.
  • At one in the morning Saudi time.
  • On the following day, it is returned from a person exposed to the same channel at 4 pm.

The frequency of the Red Life channel, which carries the Fatwa series

the channelHesitationCoding ratepolarization
Life1220727500my head
HD life1220727500my head
Life is a drama1243727500my head

Follow-up to the show of the Fatwa series H 29

The events of episode 28 of the series “Fatwa” Yasser Galal witnessed the one-eyed going to Fatwa Al-Urbajia, Fadl, for the sake of going to Hassan Al-Jabali to start after that in setting up a plan to return to the aesthetic again and returning the stolen gold, which is available to the master Sayyid al-Labban, and in fact Hassan managed to go To the altar and obtain gold, and then begins in cooperation with the teacher Ahmed, who helps return to the aesthetic.

In the new episode of the series of Fatwa Yasser Jalal, Hassan Al-Jabali begins to lay out the plan for Master Ahmed’s men in order to enter the aesthetic, and to get the title of Fatuna again from Azmi, who killed the highest mountain, and it is possible that this episode is one of the most powerful episodes of the program, and we will do By following its events with you, moment by moment.

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