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Follow-up “The Final Series, the first episode on the ON channel, Youssef Al-Shareeq

The fans, fans and fans of Youssef El Sharif are waiting for the end series, which he returned after an absence from the Ramadan series for three years, where the end series comes along the length of Youssef El Sharif and with him a number of the most prominent stars and artists. The end series will be shown on the first day of Ramadan, corresponding to 24-4-2020 Friday, and the events of the end series will take place From an engineer who tries to control technology before imposing control on human life and tries a lot but is met by some dangerous confrontations interesting to the audience, and it is worth mentioning that Youssef Al-Sharif came to the end series after his last appearance in the Kafr Dalhab Ramadan series 2017, and we follow up with you through a site in the exhibit, the date of the presentation The series, ending throat First on channel ON.

The end series sparked in the last moments after the presentation of the first episode, some were surprised, as well as a wide debate about social networking sites, and many commented after the end of the episode, saying Shabwa Youssef Al Sharif and the end series comes among the best series of Ramadan 2020 and we follow with you in the next lines the date of the presentation of the second episode of the series Youssef HONEST SINCE THE END ON ON CHAT.

The final series, the first episode

Displays The final series, the first episode Shortly after, on the ON channel, it will be presented at 10:15 pm Cairo local time, and it will be presented at 11:15 pm Saudi Arabia time, and the replay of the series, the end, will be presented at the first episode at exactly two o’clock in the morning Cairo time and three o’clock in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia time and displays the second replay at It is exactly two o’clock in the evening Cairo time and three o’clock in the evening Saudi Arabia time, and we are following with you now the frequency of the ON channel, which carries the first series, the final episode:

  • Frequency: 10864.
  • Coding rate: 27500.
  • Polarization: horizontal.
  • Error correction rate: 5/6.

Final series first series heroes

  • Yousef al-Sharif.
  • Amr Abdul Jalil.
  • Mohamed Lotfy.
  • Sayr Al-Sayegh.
  • Al-Khamisi’s meeting.
  • Dora.
  • Ramiz Amir.

The end series took a lot of time in photography that such works require accuracy in every element of the series, such as decoration, clothes, accessories and performance, and imagination plays a role in many details, and this is what we are used to by Youssef Al Sharif, and it is worth noting that the first series, the first episode 1, is presented Soon after, at 10:15 pm Cairo local time, and it was presented at 1:15 pm Saudi Arabia time.

The End Series series will show the second episode tomorrow, corresponding to 25-25-2020, the second day of the blessed month of Ramadan. ON channel shows Youssef El Sharif’s new series daily. It is worth mentioning that we accompanied you to the highest dates of the end series show, and we also accompanied you the frequency of the broadcast channels.

The artist Youssef El Sharif missed Ramadan series during previous years, but he is expected to present a large series, which is the end series that depends on modern technologies, graphic graphics and many things in addition to talking about a new idea on the Egyptian TV screen that was not covered before in the Egyptian drama, Know the date of the second episode of the end series.

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