Following defeat in Pennsylvania court, Trump is forced to surrender

Trump’s electoral fraud narrative loses traction among Republicans urging him to accept defeat to Biden, following the Pennsylvania court ruling.

After the severe setback in Pennsylvania on Saturday, outgoing US President Donald Trump faces increased pressure from fellow Republicans to abandon his goal: to reverse the results of the November 3 election, and they call him to admit defeat to Democrat Joe Biden, picks up a report from the British news agency Reuters, published this Sunday.

According to the report, so far, Trump’s team’s attempts to prevent the certification of the results have not been echoed in federal courts in hinge states such as Georgia, Michigan and Arizona.

On Saturday, Magistrate Matthew Brann dismissed the most important lawsuit that the Trump campaign had filed in the state of Pennsylvania (northeast), by which he sought to invalidate millions of votes cast by mail.

For Trump to stay in the White House for another four years, he needs to eliminate Biden’s 81,813 vote lead in Pennsylvania. The state will begin certifying the election results of its counties on Monday.

Trump’s group of lawyers promised to present an urgent appeal to the federal court of Pennsylvania, however, state lawyers maintain that they do not have material time for such reviews, notes the British media.

Some of the Republicans in Congress are moving chips to break ranks with the accusatory narrative against Democrats and support the peaceful transition of power.

The Republican Senator for the state of Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey, said that the court ruling closes any possibility of a legal victory in this territory and asked Trump to grant Biden the election once.

In addition, Liz Cheney, a Republican congresswoman for the Wyoming district in the House of Representatives, urged the real estate mogul to respect the will of the American people.

Biden leads Trump by just over 6 million votes in the vote count, and his candidacy prevails 306-232 in the Electoral College system, whose delegates will determine with their vote on December 14 who will be sworn in on January 20 of 2021.

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