Fonda Otaku brings together voices from anime openings in concert

A unique opportunity where you will see the official singers of anime openings, performing great classics that will make you vibrate and chant at the top of your lungs.

The concert will feature the interpreters of the Latin versions of several titles of outstanding anime series: Mauren Mendo, official singer Saint Seiya will make you elevate your cosmos to infinity with themes like Pegasus Fantasy and many more. Cesar Franco official Digimon singer will make us sing with all our soul “If you you want you can fly”, Luis de Lille will also present the official Dragon Ball singer, Salome Anjarí official singer Magic Warriors and more, together with the incredible Simone Weber, outstanding Chilean anisinger, and in Virtual Symphony music (Anime and symphonic video games)

The animation will be in charge of Lorena Miki, a prominent cosplayer, journalist, animator and panelist for Chilean TV.

Fonda Otaku is a concept inspired by the customs of Chile, where during the month of September the expected national holidays are celebrated.

The show will take place this September 18 at 8:00 p.m. in Chile, via streaming (check your country’s schedule on the poster) and tickets are on sale through the system, same place where the concert will be broadcast.

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