Fonda Permanente announces the poster of his farewell

The event will last three days Permanent Fund in the next National Holidays that will close definitively after announcing his farewell due to financial problems.

He September 18, 19 and 20 at Hipódromo Chile the event that will end the project will take place. “It is impossible that the scene, at least on our part, can rearm and achieve those 40,000 or 50,000 people that the Fonda summoned until a year ago,” they argued in April.

Chico Trujillo, Ráfaga, Fiskales Ad-hok, Quilapayún, Sonora Dinamita, Amerikan Sound, Amar Azul, De Saloon, The Great Tropical Magic, Historical Inti Illimani, Supernova, Los Tres, Chancho en Piedra, Sun and Rain, Hechizo and Sonora Malecón They are part of the names that will be in the venue during the three days.

Tickets are available at the official site of the Fonda Permanente and for physical sale in Merced # 16, Santiago.


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