Food alert for listeria in meat products sold in Andalusia and the Balearic Islands

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The Andalusian Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, through the General Directorate of Public Health and Pharmaceutical Regulation, has issued a food alert after being informed by the official control of the inspection services of the Granada-Metropolitan District of the placing on the market of products already provisionally immobilized and with laboratory results of the presence of listeria monocytogenes.

No one affected so far in relation to this food alert, insofar as if, at the time of launching it this Tuesday, there had been one, it would have been of a health nature, as health sources have explained to Europa Press.

The products come from the company Sierra Nevada Meat Industries SLlocated in the town of Cájar, in the Granada metropolitan area, with authorization number 10.05545/GR. With the information available, and as reported by the Board in a press release, the products have been distributed in the provinces of Córdoba, Granada, Málaga and Seville as well as in an establishment located in the Balearic Islands.

The company, with 50 years of history behind it, was recently inspected by personnel from the Health Delegation in Granada, as Europa Press has learned from municipal sources, who have confirmed that there are no victims in the immediate surroundings of said meat. , which has its own slaughterhouse and to date had not presented problems in compliance with measures related to food safety.

They have been immobilized Iberian whip of the lote L3023 and expiration date 06/09/2023, and a Iberian sausage (Lot L1223 and expiration date 03/22/2024). Likewise, different products consisting of Iberian chorizo Lots L0723 and L0923), mini iberian fuet (Lote L2223), spicy candle chorizo (Lot L2623) and headcheese Lot L2223, 2523, 2623, 2823, 2923 and 3023).

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