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On September 16, the “Food Bank” Taobao store “Oasis Shengshishe” officially opened, and the temporary food in the store was donated by merchants.People in need can search for “Oasis Food Club” or “Oasis Food Bank” on the Taobao App, place an order for free, and deliver the package to your door without having to go to a fixed offline collection point.


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It is understood that since its establishment at the end of 2014, the Oasis Food Bank has helped 239 food manufacturers, “rescued” more than 1,000 tons of impending food that was about to be wasted, and distributed more than 1 million people in need for free. Financial support.

All food banks in the world have traditional offline store models, with high labor costs, low distribution efficiency, and a small range of beneficiaries. The opening of the online food bank this time is to increase the speed and efficiency of food distribution and cover more people. At the same time, the way of receiving orders placed online makes the recipients more dignified.

In addition, many food companies on Taobao and Tmall could not find a donation channel, and a large amount of impending food or defective food was destroyed. Yang Liqing, the owner of the “Longbaiwei Specialty Products” Taobao shop in Lintao, Gansu, tried “cloud donation” for the first time: provide links and quantities of donated goods, which will be listed by Oasis Shengshi’s Taobao shop; after users place an order, they will be shipped directly from Lintao’s warehouse to consumers. Greatly save the time and cost of donated food transfer.

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Those in need can place an order on Taobao App for free, and the package will be delivered to your door.

“Oasis Food Club” will also learn from the methods of Oasis Food Bank to prevent food waste: to receive food, you need to verify your identity, and each person is limited to one serving a day, so that limited food will be given to the people who need it most. In addition, a “proposal letter” was also hung up in Taobao shops, calling on everyone not to “whole wool”.

According to the “Cold Knowledge Report on Temporary Consumption” issued by Taobao and Science Popularization China, in the past year, 2.1 million people bought temporary food on Taobao. Professor Liu Shaowei, deputy director of the FDA Research Center of East China University of Science and Technology, said: “Pending food is not equal to expired food. It is stored correctly within the shelf life and there is no problem with quality and safety. You can eat with confidence.”

Let the food at the end of the year glow, help reduce the waste of social resources, and also help the people who really need help. Li Bing, director of the Shanghai Oasis Public Welfare Development Center and head of the “Oasis Sheng Food Club”, told reporters that the Oasis Food Bank has not had a complaint or food safety incident due to the food traceability system established over the years. They have detailed records of each process of food donation, storage, distribution, etc.; for corporate donations, there is a detailed approval process, except for food safety (production and operation license, production date, shelf life, etc.), operational hygiene, staff Health, transportation and storage are key indicators. All foods of the “Oasis Sheng Food Society” will implement the same standards.

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Zhang Yongjian, director of the Research Center for Food and Drug Industry Development and Supervision of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that consumers are becoming more and more rational about food at the end of the period, providing a good external environment for the investment of food at the end of the period and making the best use of the food in the period. Use and reduce waste. Especially in recent years, my country’s improvement of highways and other infrastructures and “new infrastructure”, coupled with the Taobao platform has a sound food safety supervision mechanism and a sound logistics system, has plugged the traditional “food bank” with digital wings, allowing temporary food Benefit more groups in need.


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