Food during Eid Al Adha: Beware of excess!

Dishes served during Aid Al Adha period are very high in fat.

Who says Eid Al-Adha says delicacies and hearty dishes. Indeed, Moroccan families have been accustomed, for several decades, to concoct delicious dishes on this occasion. But beware, if we want to have a good party without harming our health, we must consume mutton in moderation.

“Boulfaf”, “douara”, chops, grilled meat, couscous or even “mrouzia”… Aïd Al-Adha has always been an opportunity to savor delicious traditional dishes. But beware, these dishes are mainly composed of meat and can harm our health when consumed without moderation. “The basic element of these recipes is mutton which is prepared in different ways by combining spices and adding sweet and savory foods. The greedy nature of these dishes can easily lead to overeating, especially since Moroccans are used to eating them all day long for different meals, while fruits and vegetables are less present, and sometimes completely absent. In the space of two or three days, a person can consume up to a kilo of meat, or even more.

This sudden change in eating habits is not without consequences for health,” explains Amjad Zeiter, dietitian. “Sheep meat has the same properties as other red meats, but it is higher in fat and particularly in saturated fat. This makes it more difficult to digest and can cause digestive and gastrointestinal upset. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that you diversify your diet during this period and also consume beef, chicken and even fish, ”he adds. The dietician stresses, moreover, that it is preferable for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension or diabetes to avoid consuming mutton. Likewise, people who suffer from gout should be careful. “A high consumption of red meat can also cause an increase in uric acid in the blood which is responsible for gout.

This is why it is absolutely necessary to vary the composition of our plates and balance our meals. Meat cannot be eaten more than once a day without exceeding 150 g per person. On the other hand, it is necessary to increase the quantities of vegetables and fruits which are rich in fiber”, advises Amjad Zeiter. “We must avoid cooking methods that promote more fat, such as frying. It is also preferable not to consume mutton in the evening for the digestive discomfort that this can cause. Finally, we must not forget to practice a physical activity such as walking”, also recommends the nutrition specialist.

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