Food inflation in France is approaching 10% in supermarkets

« The surprise guest. This is how Jean-Philippe André, president of the National Association of agro-food industries (ANIA) qualifies inflation. He remembers that barely a year ago, the subject was not even broached. Since then, the waltz of labels has started on supermarket shelves. And the pace does not slow down. After crossing the 5% mark in June, food inflation is now approaching the 10% threshold.

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This is the observation made by the analysis firm IRI France, which published, Thursday, September 29, the data collected at the end of this month. This company, which scrutinizes consumer purchases after they have gone to checkout, recorded a first upward price tremor in December 2021.

Nine months later, she notes that the prices of consumer products have jumped, in one year, by 9.11%. On food products alone, the increase was 9.75%. IRI France points to the savory grocery, dairy, frozen and ice cream departments, where price increases exceed 10%. With a special mention for frozen meats whose inflation is close to 30%. Only the aniseed aperitifs stand out with a slightly lower price.

The kilo of pasta shells costs nearly 29% more

To better understand the budgetary constraints of the French, we asked the IRI firm to put together a typical shopping trolley for everyday products and to calculate the amount based on price readings at the checkout counters of hypermarkets and supermarkets. Worth just over 100 euros a year ago, this IRI basket for The worldwhich we will monitor on a monthly basis, is made up of a mix of national brand, private label and “first price” products.

“Given what is happening in terms of electricity prices, we could have three additional inflation points in 2023” Emily Mayer, from the analysis firm IRI France

In one year, the receipt of this full of races has climbed by nearly 12.4% to reach 115.03 euros. Some products literally went up in flames like sunflower oil, hit by in-store breakage issues since the war in Ukraine. For example, you have to pay 3.49 euros for a liter of entry-level sunflower oil, compared to 1.47 euros in September 2021. An increase of 137%. A kilo of pasta shells, a box of frozen fish sticks and a packet of basmati rice cost almost 29% more. The minced steak and the packet of crisps have, for their part, undergone an increase of 26%.

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