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29/05/2020 The consequences of the Covid-19 go far beyond the field of health, economic, work and social. It is estimated that, due to the confinement, the spaniards will catch up to 5 kilos of weight, according to a study of Deusto Health, and 33% had suffered from anxiety according to the data of the UNED, so that the care of the physical and emotional well being of the templates will be key in the plan to return to the ‘new normal’.

The impact on the health, uncertainty, weeks, telework, or restrictions on mobility have a negative impact on employees, both physically and psychologically. In addition, the restrictions of the next few weeks or months will continue to affect the same way to the population.

Beyond the challenge of adapt spaces of work and organize the incorporation step of the template to maintain the social distance, the companies should address how to recover the well-being of the employees and the role that it has, especially, in areas such as mental health, physical exercise, or food.

“Companies face a big challenge: return to their employees the sense of corporate well-beingone of the main weapons to attract and retain talent,” explains Miriam Martindirector of Marketing Sodexo Benefits and Incentives.

“Due to the complex situation, many are focusing only in bringing the work spaces, but we must neglect other benefits that have a major impact on the well-being, and that have been particularly affected during the pandemic, as the exercise or the mental health” he adds Miriam Martin.

In this sense, Sodexo Benefits and Incentives has analyzed the key points to keep in mind to make this recovery and how it should be addressed in the company during the desescalada:

Work spaces

Provide a work environment that is pleasant and safe it is vital to promote the corporate welfare. Before it was something simple, but really complex in the desescalada and in the new normal.

In the office the employee will have to count with a space that complies with the preventive health measures: safety distance, use of masks, gloves, and a hydroalcoholic gel and to ensure a daily disinfection.

In addition, to the extent possible, companies should bet for the flexibility for workers to be able to avoid crowds such as those that occur in public transport and to make a better reconciliation of personal and professional life while schools remain closed.


A healthy eating is synonymous with well-being and it is important for companies to help keep the child during the desescalada. In fact, it is estimated that each Spanish you will gain between 3 and 5 pounds of average during this period, according to a study of Deusto Health.

That is why many workers will thank you training workshops nutrition in remote, delivery of healthy food (like fruit) at home or also cards restaurant. Even though they are working remotely, employees can continue to use your restaurant card in food service at home, avoiding fast food and unhealthy, in addition to saving time.

Physical activity

The boom of exercise at home during confinement has been shown that, during the desescalada and in the new normal, we can continue to foster the physical activityone of the pillars of corporate welfare. Exercise recommendations, advisors, sports, classes, online yoga or dance, and access to applications are some of the options that you can contemplate the company.

In addition, in those regions that are in phase two, citizens will be able to go to sports centres that comply with the recommendations of the government.


According to a study by the UNED in may, 33% of spaniards have suffered generalized anxiety and 20% had suffered depression during the confinement. Without a doubt, the ultimate purpose of the corporate well-being in a company should be such that the employees are well mentally, so this is probably the aspect that more should take care of the companies in the search of the new normal.

For this reason, it is imperative that companies pay special attention to this aspect and the department of human resources to make a permanent monitoring of the state of mind of the employees. It is also advisable to put at their disposal services psychological treatment, or courses of motivation, coaching and mindfulnessthat help to tackle the work with energy and concentration.

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