Food Stocks Declining, Kim Jong Un Hunting Pets For North Korean Elite Dogs To Be Eaten At Restaurants

Sosok.ID – Not just residents, pets that live on North Korea also had a tragic fate.

Reported Sosok.ID from the Daily Star, leaders North Korea has forbidden the elite to preserve dog.

The ban was made following the thinning of food stocks in the country led by Kim Jong Un that.

In a policy taken to counter capitalist “decadence”, Pyongyang’s leaders hope to placate citizens North Korea who is angry at the current situation.

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A domestic source said Kim Jong Un issued the ban last month because he had a “tainted” capitalist ideology.

They told South Korean right-wing newspaper The Chosun Ilbo:

“Authorities have identified a family that raises the dog.

“They were forced to hand over their pets.”

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