Foods to avoid for diabetics –

Diabetes affects several million people in France each year. The people concerned must be vigilant about their diet.

What is diabetes

The diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by an excess of blood sugar or an abnormal rise in the rate of blood sugar. It is caused by a dysfunction in the secretion or action of insulin, the hormone that allows cells to absorb simple sugars and convert them into energy.

Avoid sugary drinks

To stay healthy, people with this disease need to be physically active and eat the right foods. Certain products should be avoided. The sugary drinks, like the sodas, are not good for diabetics because they make the blood sugar.

No saturated fat

Doctors recommend diabetics to deprive oneself of saturated fats, which can lead to atherosclerosis or sclerosis of the arteries, linked to bad cholesterol circulating in the blood. The following foods should therefore be avoided: cold meats, fatty meats, fried foods, pastries, mayonnaise, crème fraîche.

Prepared meals and industrial foods to be banned

It is, moreover, strongly discouraged for people suffering from diabetes to consume ready meals and industrial foods that one finds in the trade. While they are convenient, they are high in saturated fat. The diabetics should get used to cooking their own meals.

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