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Eating healthy is all about balance. For example, there is no need to add salt or sugar to our children’s meals. Or there are certain foods and beverages that are not considered safe for our children’s health or that should be secondary options compared to alternatives.

honey before 12 months Consuming it can cause a serious food poisoning called botulism in children. Therefore, before you turn one year old, you can give your baby honey or yogurt with honey, cereal, crackers, etc. You should not give honey-containing foods such as

Unpasteurized food or beverages such as milk, yogurt, cheese may expose your child to bacteria that can cause severe diarrhea. Therefore, you should keep unpasteurized products such as raw milk out of your child’s diet.

Foods fortified with sugar Low- or no-calorie sweeteners are not recommended for children. Many of the snacks on the grocery store shelves, flavored yogurts, and cookies contain added sugar. Children under 24 months must be kept away from such foods.

In sugar-sweetened beverages (such as soda, carbonated drinks, flavored milks, sports drinks, flavored waters, fruit juices) contain a large amount of sugar content. These drinks should be kept separately from 100% fruit juices. Again, do not forget that children under 24 months should stay away from added sugar.

foods with high salt content, Some canned foods, such as salami, processed meats such as sausages, and frozen ready meals, are foods that should be avoided in children. Some snacks and ready meals for children can also contain high levels of sodium.

Fish with high mercury content It is extremely important to stay away from fish such as mackerel, marlin, shark, swordfish, bigeye tuna. Mercury is a substance that can be extremely harmful to the brain and nervous system when exposed to it, albeit in small amounts, over a long period of time. However, keep in mind that just as it is important to prevent mercury consumption in children’s diets, it is equally important to ensure that children consume fish with a low mercury content.

Cow’s milk before 12 months may put your baby at risk of intestinal bleeding. In addition, cow’s milk contains protein and minerals in amounts that your baby’s kidneys cannot easily process; Cow’s milk is quite inadequate in terms of the nutrients your baby needs.

Fruit and vegetable juices are not recommended before 12 months. Although it is not considered critical for children who are older, it is okay to give 120 ml of 100% vegetable or fruit juice a day to the child. Be aware that there are added sugars in fruit drinks, juices, and fruit-flavored beverages sold in grocery stores. It is also a known fact that using the fruit itself instead of fruit juices is a healthier option.

caffeinated drinks, Soft drinks, tea, coffee or energy drinks should be kept away from children under 2 years old. Unfortunately, there is no agreed-upon data on how much caffeine consumption should be in young children. Don’t pass your coffee habit on to your kids Click to read the news.

If you still have questions about which foods and beverages you should avoid in your child’s diet, you can consult your doctor and get detailed information.

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