Footage from playing the Mafia with official Czech subtitles

Thanks to IGN, we were able to see the very first continuous shots of the new Mafia playing a few hours earlier than originally planned. The creators chose Trip to Nature as the first mission, where the action is not spared, so they clearly mention in the video that the missions in the Mafia are varied and some do without shooting, while others play prim stealth.

We will still have to wait for the unveiling of Czech dubbing (if the Czech version gets its own trailer at all) and settle for the current “Czech” video for now. Where Czech means official Czech subtitles.

Visually and audio-wise, this is an identical video that you could watch look already in the morning and which we discussed in today’s Fight Club.

Mafia: Definitive Edition will have a complete Czech dubbing and not so long ago as we did they learned dubbed the cast of all key characters. And after a short delay, it is now clear when we will play a remake of the most famous Czech game. The original date of August 28 has fallen and the current release date is set for September 25.


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