Football Leaks – Ethnic Fichage PSG: who is Marc Westerloppe, the man in the middle of the tumult?


A respected coach and a recognized recruiter, the one who revealed Didier Drogba is at the center of the controversy over the ethnic recruitment of young players at the PSG.

For the first time in her long career, 58-year-old Marc Westerloppe is in a state of agitation, at the center of a case of discrimination and ethnic registration. A big surprise for those who know him and have been around since 1994, when he arrived at the Le Mans training center. Pascal Plancque was director of the training center in Lens a few years ago. He worked with Westerloppe: "His office was next to me, he was responsible for youth recruitment, I've never heard of an ethnic group, a religion, it was important to find the size that would make the young adult. great guy, I feel like everyone lets him go, he does not deserve it, he's not racist. "

On the existence of these famous files, Plancque prefers to evoke "A huge clumsiness in the course of his work, a disgraceful embarrassment". "The process we are doing is unjust, insists Fayza …


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