“Football Manager 2022” will be added to Xbox Game Pass “Football Manager 2022” for the first time in its release history on November 9th

A classic football game jointly created by Sports Interactive and SEGA “Football manager(FOOTBALL MANAGER)” The latest work in the series “Football Manager 2022(FOOTBALL MANAGER 2022)” will land on Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store on November 9. According to the official, the “Football manager“The Xbox version will debut again this year. The “Football Manager 2022》The Xbox version will be released on November 9th at the same time as the PC/Mac version.

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The goal of football is not just to smash the pitch, nor to win; success gained through hard work is more precious than gain for nothing. Fans will be available in the “Football Manager 2022》Accept the challenge and strive for success for the beloved club.

  《Football manager》For the first time in the history of the series! “Football Manager 2022“and”Football Manager 2022》The Xbox version will be added to Xbox Game Pass on the first day. Xbox Game Pass for PC members can enjoy “Football Manager 2022“Unparalleled esoteric strategy and realistic experience; Xbox Game Pass for Console members can sit on the sofa, in the “Football Manager 2022》Easily manage the club in the Xbox version. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can enjoy both versions at the same time.

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Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive, said: “”Football Manager 2022“Joined Xbox Game Pass on the first day for “Football managerThe series breaks new ground.The game landed on the Xbox platform again last year, and the success far exceeded our expectations. Therefore, we are very happy to be able to further cooperate with Microsoft to give Game Pass members the opportunity to experience being a playerFootball managerLittle by little. “

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  《Football Manager 2022》Innovative functions are ushered in, allowing managers to find the key to victory, realize your style of play, and consolidate your status as a legendary manager in the football world. In the coming weeks, more new game features will be available in “Football manager》Major social channels and official websites have been announced one after another.

Before the game is released, all pre-order PC/Mac versions of “Football Manager 2022“Fans will enjoy a 10% discount and have the opportunity to play “Football Manager 2022“, start the manager’s career early. Microsoft Store pre-orders will also be open soon.

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Fans can play the game through Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store two weeks before the official release of the game. The single-player career mode progress obtained during this period can be inherited into the official version.

  《Football Manager 2022》The mobile version (iOS/Android) is also preparing to start the new season, which will be released simultaneously on November 9, and various game features will be announced in October.

  《Football Manager 2022 The full release information of “Touch”, including the details of re-launching on Nintendo Switch, will be announced in the near future.

※ The start time of pre-emptive play on different platforms may be different.

※ The version of each region may be different, please wait for follow-up information for details.


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