Football: “Mission accomplished”: VfL Osnabrück celebrates promotion

VfL Osnabrück – VfR Aalen

The Osnabrück celebrate the goal to 1: 0. Photo: Friso Gentsch

(Photo: AP)

For the second direct promotion place it will probably until the end of a three-way fight between the Karlsruher SC Osnabrück has made the return to the 2nd Bundesliga prematurely four games before the end of the season of the 3rd Football League. “We will give full throttle next year, so we also play a very horny role in the second league,” promised promotion coach Daniel Thioune euphoric of the greatest success of his career.

By the 2: 0 against the bottom of the table VfR Aalen and thanks to the blunder of SV Wehen Wiesbaden, who lost in the relegation-threatened FC Carl Zeiss Jena with 1: 3, the purple-white are after eight years again second-rate. The seventh promotion to the second league is record. “An incredible season,” said goalkeeper Nils Körber. “After ten matchdays everyone said: They were lucky. But it was hard work. Now we have done it and celebrate properly. “

The rush after the final whistle was the beginning of a long party night. Later, a large part of the crew came by bus along with hundreds of fans to the city center for a spontaneous promotion ceremony at the city hall. “The city is crazy about the VfL,” said Thioune, who was celebrated by his players at the press conference with a beer shower. Hardly anyone lives the VfL like Thioune: As a child, he stood in the fan curve, he played as a player 170 games for the VfL and rose with the club in 2000 in the second league. Now the 44-year-old succeeded his preliminary masterpiece as coach.

The ascent is completely surprising. Because a year ago, the club finished the season as 17th from. Thioune and sports director Benjamin Schmedes then built up a completely new team, they sent away 16 players and brought 14 new to it. “All wheels meshed,” Schmedes explained. “The guys were ready to go through the fire. The coach has been improving it week after week. “His keen sense of the transfer market will be in demand again to succeed in the league.

Because “personnel, financially and infrastructural” was the club stand today no more than a normal third division club, said CEO Jürgen Wehlend in an interview by NDR television. “We are at the bottom of the value chain. We are in the back of the pack and have to work on more. Then a development is possible. “On Saturday night and the following party marathon but thought first no one.

There will probably be a three-way battle between the Karlsruher SC (2./62 points), Halleschen FC (3./59) and Wiesbaden (4./59) until the end for the second direct promotion place. The KSC, who made a backlog to SV Meppen 3-1 win, can do it on their own, while the pursuers must hope for blunder the competition. “In this phase, only the victory counts,” said KSC coach Alois Schwartz, relieved.

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