Football rumors: P. Pogba would untie 80 million for Juventus Barcelona was interested in O. Zinčenka, Inter refused 50 million euros. euros from PSG

With the opening of the summer “transition window”, there is no shortage of rumors in the football world about where one or another player’s or coach’s career might turn.

Italian media report that Turin’s Juventus club Paulio Pogba the acquisition would decouple a total of 80 million. euros. It is said that the Frenchman should sign a 4-year contract under which he will earn 8 million. euros per season. True, this amount, including supplements, could rise to 10 million. per year. Adding the bonus for signing the contract and commissions to the agent, Juventus would spend about 80 million euros in 4 years. euros. P.Pogba market is valued at 55 million. and will soon become a free agent.

Sky Germany adds that Juventus has reached an agreement with Filip Kostičium due to the player’s personal details, the Italian negotiations with Frankfurt’s Eintracht on the redemption amount are stalled. F. Kostičius is estimated at about 24 million. Eintracht itself would like to keep the Serb in its ranks for longer and proposes to extend it until 2023. existing contract. Safe has scored 7 goals in 42 matches this season and made 15 assists.

Foot Mercato reports that Milan’s Inter has rejected the first – 50 million. euro – PSG club offer for Milan Skriniar. Inter wants to get as much as $ 80 million for defender. EUR 70 million, although euro proposal. Chelsea and Tottenham are also said to be interested in the defense. Chelsea’s offer could be particularly relevant to Inter, as Italians would like to “borrow” Romel Lukak from the club, but they still lack the money.

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Milan Scrinear Scanpix photo

Inter also decides what to do with another defender – Stefano de Vrie. The player is said to have refused to move to Newcastle, but is still interested in Chelsea, Tottenham and Man United. The Manchester club want to strengthen the middle lineup after a disappointing Harry Maguire season. Vrijo’s contract expires next year, so Inter is unlikely to oppose its sale. The Dutch may be involved in a deal with Chelsea over Lukash.

If R. Lukaku returns to Inter, then the club will probably no longer need a veteran Edin Jack. Bosnis still has a contract valid for a year, but the Fiorentina club is already applying for it. The 36-year-old veteran has proved that he is still able to play at the highest level this season – E. has scored 17 goals and made 10 assists in 49 matches.

19-year-old Ukrainian talent Ilja Zabarnij interested Tottenham will have to shake their pockets if they want to buy a player from Kyiv Dinamo. Ekrem Konur reported that Dinamo is demanding 30 million for the young man. euros.

Brazil’s UOL Esporte, meanwhile, says Tottenham is close to a deal with Everton star Richarlison. It is planned to lay 60 million for it. euros. Tottenham are trying to please Antonio Contei this summer, who has repeatedly demanded money to strengthen the line-up, and Richarlison could take some of the burden off the attack from Harry Kane. Brazil have scored 11 goals and made 5 assists in 33 matches this season.

Corriere dello Sport announces Arsenal to strengthen Rome star in Lazio Sergey Milinkovich-Savicius. Arsenal would be willing to pay just over $ 50 million for it. but Lazio would hardly be satisfied with that amount. Lazio would like at least 65-70 million for the player. euros.

Won a record number of titles with Real Madrid Marcelo plans to top up his account before the end of his career. Brazil is reportedly attracted to clubs from Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Marcelo is said to be most interested in the Turkish proposals because they are not only financially rewarding but would also allow Brazil to play at a fairly high level. This season Marcelo played only 17 matches in 2 matches.

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Marcelo |  Scanpix photo

Marcelo | Scanpix photo

In the fight for Luiso Suarezo signature tries to join Bergamo’s Atalanta. It is announced that the owners of Atalanta are preparing to sell a part of the shares to investors from the USA and thus increase the team’s capital. It is still unclear whether L.Suarez himself would be interested in moving to “Atalanta”, because this season was unsuccessful for the team – it remained only in the 8th Italian League and did not enter the European tournaments.

Spain’s Sport says Atletico Madrid is seeking to acquire Valencia’s leader Carlos Solera. Barcelona also wants this player, but according to the source, Atletico offers a higher amount per player. 50 million The euro-safe has scored 12 goals in 38 matches this season and made 5 assists.

Fabrizio Romano has denied rumors that River Plate wants to buy it Mauro Icardi. According to him, representatives of River Plate have not contacted PSG representatives, M.Icardi or his agent, and the player himself does not want to move to Argentina at the current stage of his career.

Mundo Deportivo reports that Barcelona is interested in a Ukrainian man from Man City Alexander Zinchenko. Barcelona’s main target is said to be Marcos Alonso, who has a contract with Chelsea in London for another year, but if no agreement can be reached in the near future, Barcelona will target € 25 million. euro-denominated Ukrainian. According to the source, O. Zinčenko was recommended to Barcelona by Ferran Torres, a former Man City player who recently joined the club.

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The safety of the Ukrainian national team Danylo Ihnatenka reported that he does not want to return to his homeland for the time being, although he belongs to the Donetsk Šachtar team. The player ended the season at the Bordeaux club, which relegated to the second league of France. Dhnatenka explains that he would like to stay in France because he hopes that he will attract the attention of the English Premier League clubs while playing there.

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