Football rumors: Ronaldo invites Alves to his club with Marcelo, Dunez will earn almost three times less than Haland, Ronaldo does not want to return to Italy

With the opening of the summer “transition window”, there is no shortage of rumors in the football world about where one or another player’s or coach’s career might turn.

Corriere dello Sport announces rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo moving to Rome is a reality. Portugal earns 23 million in Manchester per year. Rome could not pay that much. Even if Ronaldo doubles his salary, Rome would still not buy it. Rome cannot offer Ronaldo’s play in the UEFA Champions League either, and his relationship with Jose Mourinho is not the best right now. Ronaldo is also linked to his 19-year-old return to Lisbon’s Sporting. This team will play in the UEFA Champions League.

Man United became interested in the Brazilian club of Porto evanilsonu. It is reported that the British could offer 60 million for the striker. EUR 5 million. Porto is not happy with the offer – they want € 80 million. euros. The 22-year-old Brazil scored 21 goals and made 5 assists in 45 matches last season. Man United expects “super-agent” Jorge Mendes, who is helping to mediate the deal, will help reach an agreement with Porto.

Goal adds that Marcus Rashford decided not to leave Man United after talking to Daley Blind. A former friend of Rashford’s team, who had been coached by Eric there The Hague for years, urged the Englishman to try to work with the club’s new strategist and rediscover his place on the team. Last season was the worst for Rashford since he joined Man United. In 32 matches, the Englishman scored just 5 goals and made 2 assists.

Marcus Rashford | Scanpix photo

Marca claims to be the owner of the Real Valladolid club Ronaldo wants to lure two veterans to his team – Dan Alves and Marcelo. Real Valladolid have returned to La Liga after a successful season and are looking for reinforcements. Both veterans will become free agents next week and could come to the club without paying a ransom. They would play an important role in Real Valladolid’s team. True, both players want to join the Brazilian national team in 2022. for the World Cup, so would probably like to play at a higher level club.

The National News provided some more information about the contracts of the new stars of the English Premier League. It is said that Erlingas Haalandas Man City Club will receive 375 thousand. pounds (436 thousand euros), and behold Darwinas Nunezas Liverpool will earn 140,000. pounds per week (163 thousand euros). This is further evidence of Liverpool’s tight control over its finances and salary structure. As a result, the club is preparing to say goodbye to Sadio Mane, does not agree with Mohamed Salah and has not previously acquired Jadon Sancho and Aurelien Tchouameni.

Napoli’s defense pillar Kalidou Koulibaly is considering extending the contract with the club. The Senegalese are interested in many elite European teams, but it is reported that he would only agree to move to Barcelona. Catalans are unable to pay the amount demanded by Napoli, so Koulibaly does not rule out the possibility of staying even longer at the club, where he has already spent 8 years.

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Another target for Barcelona is Raphinha – caught the attention of Arsenal and Liverpool. According to Sky Sports, Arsenal have already made the first bid for Brazil, but Leeds United is set to reject it because it wants at least 50-55 million for the player. euros.

Barcelona is making every effort to get rid of the 28-year-old Frenchman Samuel Umtiti. The club agrees to sell or rent it, and in the worst case, it could even forgive, even though it would have to pay considerable compensation. Umtiti’s contract is valid until 2026. summer, although it has long been unnecessary for Barcelona. Another possible stop for S. Umtiti’s career is the Girona club, which recently moved to La Liga. The president of Girona, Pere Guardiola, who is the brother of Pepo Guardiola, all mentioned this.

Samuel Umtiti |  Scanpix photo

Samuel Umtiti | Scanpix photo

ESPN reports that Barcelona is in talks with Man United over Frenkie de Jongo sales want to get more than they themselves spent in 2019, when the Dutch paid 86 million. euros for the Ajax club. Man United, meanwhile, would like to pay up to $ 70 million. The overpayment for Mr de Jong would make it difficult to strengthen other links. Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, denied the English that they could not lower the price due to La Ligos’ strict financial requirements and expect Man United to pay the amount due.

English media have denied rumors that Liverpool has been on the radar Georginio Wijnaldumas. Holland 2016-2021 already played in Liverpool and then moved on to PSG. Liverpool have been reportedly considering letting the Dutch man back, but sources say there is no truth in the rumors.

London Chelsea interested in Everton star in preparation for serious lineup change Richarlisonu. The Liverpool club would agree to sell it for around £ 60m. euros. Chelsea is still hunting Raheem Sterling with Jules Kound and is preparing to say goodbye to Romel Lukak.

It was previously announced that the race was attended byl Christian Eriksen Man United and Tottenham are leading the way, but now the English media writes that the latter club has given up the idea of ​​reclaiming a player who played in their ranks in 2013-2020. period. Meanwhile, Man United is still awaiting a response from Eriksen, who has already caught West Ham’s attention. Dan has played 11 games in Brentford last season, scoring 1 goal and making 4 assists

Mario Gotze |  Scanpix photo

Mario Gotze | Scanpix photo

Mario Gotze after a 2-year break he returns to play in his native Germany. Frankfurt’s Eintracht is reported to have paid € 4 million. euros for a PSV club for a 30-year-old player and signed a 3-year contract with him. M.Gotze has just finished a great season in the Netherlands – he has scored 12 goals and made 11 assists in 52 matches. Eintracht won the UEFA Europa League this year and entered the UEFA Champions League group stage next season.

After a very poor season at the Monaco Club Cescas Fabregasas, it seems, does not want to hang sneakers on the nail yet and is talking to the Sampdorios club. According to La Reppublica, the Serie A club would like to give the Spanish a chance because he is now a free agent and does not demand a high salary, and Fabregas wants to prove that he can still play at the top level. Last season, the Spaniard played just 5 matches for the Monaco main team and was sent to the club’s backup for a while.

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A 36-year-old veteran Radamelis Falcao may move to the other side of the Atlantic. It is reported that 2 mln. The two clubs of the top Mexican league – Toluca and America – were interested in the striker. Falcao still has a one-year contract with Spain’s La Ligos club Rayo Vallecano. Last season, the Colombian scored 6 goals in 28 matches.

West Ham, seeking further reinforcement, targeted Armando Broja. Chelsea-owned Albanians have played a good season at Southampton on a lease basis and have caught the attention of other teams. It is said that A.Broja could be sold for 25-30 mln. euros.

The PSG club does not need a Brazilian Rafinha Alcantara spent half of last season’s rent at a Real Sociedad club. In Spain, he scored 1 goal in 20 matches. Under the lease, Alcantara is expected to return to the PSG next week, but the Paris club does not want it. Marca says PSG is in talks to sell Alcantara to Real Sociedad. PSG would like to receive 5 million. and even agrees to 2022-2023. to cover part of Brazil’s salary during the season.

L’Equipe announces that PSG is finalizing all details on Christophe’o Galtier acquisition. It is estimated that the club will be paid 10 million for the coach of Nice. redemption of euros. PSG is also still in talks with Mauricio Pochettino over the compensation the coach will receive for the dismissal. He should officially say goodbye to him this Thursday.

Ben Jacobs reports that PSG is delaying submitting a bid Ousmane’ui Dembele. The Frenchman will be a free agent in 8 days and would like to move to Paris, but PSG is hesitant about his chances. Barcelona would like to take advantage of this – Xavi has already appealed to the club’s leaders to increase the offer to O. Dembele.

PSG continues to try to acquire Milan’s defender Milan Skriniar. Initially, PSG offered $ 50 million. has now increased the offer to € 60 million. However, Inter is still not going to accept it. Gazzetta dello Sport writes that Inter is still not inferior and is demanding the same $ 80 million. euros. Nevertheless, it is believed that a breakthrough in the negotiations is expected in the coming days.

Inter managed to save the coach Simone Inzaghi, with which the contract was extended until 2024. Inter is currently very active in the transfer window, trying to invite both Romel Lukak and Paul Dybala. True, this may require the sale of more than one current football player.

Newcastle have reached a goalkeeper deal with Burnley Nicko Pope’o acquisition. 15 million The player, who is valued in euros, did not want to move to the second league of England with Burnley, so he chose the offer of Newcastle. Here he hopes to get plenty of playing time and earn a place in the England national team in 2022. world championship. N.Pope missed 51 goals in 39 matches last season and kept the goal “dry” 9 times.

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Nigerian to be first in Nottingham Forest after returning to Premier League Taiwo Awoniyi. Negotiations with the Berlin Union team are well under way, according to The Telegraph. Nottingham Forest is set to pay around £ 20m for the game. euros. T.Awoniyi scored 20 goals in 43 matches last season and made 5 assists.

Edinson Cavani  Scanpix photo

Edinson Cavani Scanpix photo

One of Serie A’s most modest clubs, Salernitana, suddenly misses Uruguayan football legend Edinsono Cavani. Still, such a scenario is unlikely to become a reality. Even the president of Salernitana, Danilo Iervolino, noted that the acquisition of E. Cavani was like a beautiful dream. The Uruguayan himself, according to Marcos, offered his services to the Rayo Vallecano team.

The famous French club Lyon will enter a new era after a disappointing season. President of the Club Jean-Michel Hall reported that an agreement has already been reached with U.S. businessman John Textor to sell the team. It is estimated that the value of the contract could reach about 800 million. euros. Textor already has a lot of experience in managing football teams. It is one of the owners of Crystal Palace, Botafogo and RWD Molenbeek.

Defender of the Donetsk Shaft going to Rome’s Lazio Mark Antony will sign a 5-year contract with the Italian club. In the first season he will receive 900 thousand. and will earn 1.4 million euros each from the second season. euros per season. As we have already announced, Lazio will pay 8 million. EUR 2 million in redemption. euros are provided as supplements.

Ukrainian football legends Serhijaus Rebrovo The United Arab Emirates champion Al Ain FC, who is being coached, is targeting the coach’s compatriots. In particular, the captain of Kyjiv Dinamo and the support team of the Ukrainian national team were targeted by the Arabs Serhiy Sidorchuk. 5 million The player, who is valued in euros, scored 2 goals and made 2 assists in 23 matches last season. True, S. Sidorčukas has 4 children, so he would hardly want to go to the Arabs. Al Ain FC also want to acquire a goalkeeper who has just finished his career in the Ukrainian national team Andrew Piatov. The 37-year-old veteran has kept the goal “dry” at the Šachtar Club in Donetsk as many as 8 times in 12 matches last season. Its market value is 800 thousand. euros.

A coach who worked wonders with the Sheriff of Tiraspol Yuri Vernydub from now on he will work in the team of Kryvyi Rih Kryvbas. Vernydub left the Sheriff because he was in a hurry to defend his native Ukraine. He still serves in the Ukrainian army. It was recently agreed that Mr Vernydub’s post would be transferred to Kryvyi Rih, so he would be able to combine the coach’s work with his duties in the army.

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