Football, the Serie A League against Dazn! Sky towards TV Rights!

The circle tightens around dazn with a letter from the Serie A League arrived on the top table of the broadcaster last week, after the situation has now reached paroxysm, with the continuous interruptions of the Live tv of the football championship.

In the matter, already supervised by Parliament and from Codacons, Serie A has also entered, which has direct interests since, according to what is established by the Melandri Law, part of the earnings on football TV rights they come to the league teams based on the percentage of plays.

That is, the higher the percentage of audiences, the higher the earnings and the continuous interruptions of the live broadcast streaming of Dazn they put the share at risk, with the multiplication of threats of termination of users, and therefore the enter of football clubs.

In letter from the Lega Serie A and invites dazn to comply with the terms of the agreement on TV rights of the Serie A football championship, which require the operator to provide an adequate service.

Should the outages continue to occur there would be various options available, from the most extreme to which the would be thinking Codacons, that is to present an application for the revocation of TV rights in Dazn, to the softer proposal of the Transport Commission, which presented a text in Parliament to ask that, should the inefficiencies continue, Dazn is required to sub-license.

Put simply to demand that Dazn be forced to split i TV rights of Serie A football with the rival Sky, that so much aspires to this and has years of experience behind it as well as the reliability of the satellite.

Also the National Consumers Union addressed the problem of football TV rights in un video YouTube:

The Serie A League intervenes and Dazn wand for TV Football Rights

Last week the leaders of the Serie A football league they sent a tough one letter to Dazn inviting her to solve once and for all the problems of live streaming of the championship.

At stake is not only the question to be resolved disservices related to frequent streaming interruptions, but also to image quality that does not yet mirror satellite.

At the moment the Lega Serie A cares, in the person of the president Paolo Dal Pino, to let people know that they will not push for the realization of a plan B, such as a revocation or sub-license of TV rights, but will continue to monitor the situation.

The question is complicated because on the one hand dazn has regularly bought the TV rights of the Serie A championship for the not so modest sum of 860 million euros, therefore the revocation is not as easy to do as to say.

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And on the other hand, it is also true, as Lega Serie A always points out, that once the TV rights have been sold, the right to intervene is no longer up to you, except to bring the issue to the attention of major bodies such as Parliament. .

However, we remind you that, if from a legal point of view, once the TV rights of the Serie A football are sold, they are no longer the competence of the League this is also the one that has the major interests.

Since, as has already been noted, the Melandri law establishes that the percentage of earnings is divided among the football clubs of the league based on the percentage of plays, as it is collected from the Auditel.

So, if for now the Lega Serie A keeps a low profile, also because it was she who sold the football TV rights to Dazn and not to Sky, if the inefficiencies persist, she would also be the first to push for a alternative solution to streaming.

Furthermore, we remind you that the contract with Dazn also provides for it to be able to offer an adequate service to users, which presupposes that it can be challenged if this does not happen.

Codacons ready to do anything to save Serie A from Dazn

If the Lega Serie A keeps a low profile, also because it is involved in the affair for economic issues, otherwise the Codacons who deals with consumer protection has taken on a much harsher tone in this controversy.

The Codacons in the event that the inefficiencies continue is ready to submit an application to act on two fronts. First of all, return the Dazn subscription money to subscribers and then ask for action from above to revoke possession of the TV rights to Dazn. This extreme hypothesis is also difficult to implement, also because it would have stratospheric legal and economic implications, more desirable the mediation of the sub-license that we will explain later.

Anyway, let’s say that from a consumer point of view after the 30 minutes of blockor during the live streaming of Sampdoria-Naples and Turin-Lazio, Dazn immediately warned users who will be entitled to a reimbursement, equal to a month’s subscription.

Parliament supervises the TV rights of Serie A football. Sky is back!

But the highest body, that is Parliament, is also watching over the whole issue l’On. Raffaella Shirt in fact, a few days ago he announced his intention to ask Parliament two things.

First of all that all TV operators without exclusion, be they Sky or Dazn, are forced to resolve disputes with customers through the platform Conciliaweb. And then always when dazn fails to solve the interruption problem, then Parliament could intervene by imposing the sub-license.

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This hypothesis would be more plausible because Dazn would not lose from a legal point of view i TV rights of the football championship A league, but it would share it with another broadcaster and there is little doubt it would Sky.

The resto Sky e Dazn they already have a sub-license agreement under which Sky can offer its business users, using the channel Sky Sport Bar, the whole Serie A with the stability of direct satellite TV.

The same has long aspired to a similar agreement, obviously paying, also for users of private contracts, which would mean for Dazn at least the possibility of recovering cash with the sale.

Digital terrestrial hypothesis, so Dazn maintains the exclusive rights on football TV rights

In recent times the news has also circulated for which one third solution would be the one for Dazn to broadcast in DTT. The same has in fact some channels to be able to transmit in the so-called White areas of Italy.

With White area we mean those parts of the territory where there is none ultra-wide band, that is, where the Internet connection is not fast enough to entrust everything to streaming.

However, if this hypothesis allows Dazn to retain the exclusive sui TV rights of Serie A football, in some respects represents a hypothesis that would require time and upheavals for the same.

In any case, it is certain that such a solution would satisfy more dazn, since leaving her the exclusive rights on the TV rights of the A league football would also leave the predominance in Italy on Sky.

What would change if the TV rights of the A series were sub-licensed to Sky?

In fact, Dazn retains a priority and perhaps also a sense, when it has the exclusivity for the TV rights for the soccer championship of A league, ma se Sky were to catch them again there would be no more comparison.

In fact, if we look at the TV rights for the main football leagues and tournaments, Sky and Dazn share the ability to broadcast Europa League ed Europa Confederation League. As for the Champions League Dazn has nothing while Sky owns all the competition and shares it with Mediaset and partly with Amazon Prime.

Until now, Dazn has managed to buffer the problema Champions League making a deal with Tim. In this way the subscription to TimVision guarantees Dazn (with Serie A) and Mediaset Infinity + (with Champions), but without price changes, since Tim is a partner and of both.

As for the Serie A Dazn can broadcast all matches seven of which with the exclusive complete. Sky of Serie A has practically nothing if we exclude three meetings which, moreover, can also transmit Dazn.

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In this context, thanks also to the agreement with Tim, from a TV rights point of view, Dazn wins on Sky from every front.

But if Sky had the sub-license for private users and could offer the entire Serie A on satellite, there would be no more confrontation given that Sky would have the rights for all major competitions and since it already owns the Champions League.

Even the Auditel against Dazn, the audience figures do not match

We close with another news concerning Dazn and football TV rights not yet clarified.

If in fact it has been abundantly explained that Serie A teams in football earn based on the volume of television listening, as they are collected and certified from the Auditel, Dazn has some problems in this sense too.

At the moment AGCOM initiated an investigation in order to clarify the discrepancy between the data collected by Dazn (whose certification is handled by Nielsen) and those by Auditel, where the former report audience data higher than the 58%.

Needless to say, also in this case the question it is vital, because it is economic given that the discrepancy generates problems regarding the compensation on the TV rights of football clubs.

TV Rights Football, an expanding world for Dazn aiming for the Premier League

If the world of TV rights the Serie A football championship proved to be a terrain complicated per a Dazn.

Fresh news arrives from Albion, according to which dazn is in contention to buy from the operator BT Sport the TV rights for the Premier League English.

At the moment i rights of the highest competition of English football are shared between BT Sport and Sky, where Dazn would like to replace the former, which being also an Internet provider intends to concentrate its forces on the new 5G network.

However, according to the Financial Times, who broke the news, the agreement between BT Sport and Dazn can only be put into practice with the consent of Sky.

Therefore it will be necessary to see the intentions of the latter, even if it seems clear that Dazn considers the TV rights of football an expanding world.

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