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In Thun, NE Xamax sank without showing the slightest sign of revolt, which resulted in a lack of commitment to the Bernese synthetic. One scene, that of the 3-0 fallen in stoppage time, alone sums up the passivity of a team that played beat from the start. Spotted by our colleague Simon Häring and provoking from the buzz on the Web, it especially hurts the too slow defense of “red and black” by highlighting the athletic qualities of the Lucerne game director in his corridor of the Stockhorn Arena.

While Grégory Karlen, left behind Neuchâtel defense without any offside, goes alone to face the unfortunate Walthert, we see the referee pushing a sprint, catching up with the consequent delay he initially accused the “concerned” xamaxian players until leaving them on the spot. On this action, Djuric and Abanda, who are not the fastest defenders in the world, do not really look good.

For a bit, we could even believe that Mr. Urs Schnyder (34 years old) wanted to go and tackle the Valais midfielder as the man in yellow did everything to find himself closer to the action.

Truncated preparation

So of course, the damage was already done at that time and the Xamaxiens, all gone to the collision, could estimate that the match was whatever happened already long lost without anyone being able to blame them .

Nevertheless, this 3-0 may have the value of a symbol of a formation no longer believing enough in it. Pending the results of the Covid-19 screening tests to which the entire club underwent last Friday (including administrative staff), Xamax has undoubtedly suffered from a truncated preparation. From there not to make an act of presence? “Today (yesterday),” said Raphaël Nuzzolo, “you can’t hang on to much.” In all areas, we did not measure up, that’s all. We went through. The derby against Sion represents a new final. I’m not a mathematician, but if we don’t win on Wednesday night, it will be difficult to pretend to stay in the Super League. ”

Nuzzolo: “If we are last …”

Appearing himself behind, the attacker had the intellectual honesty to recognize that this Xamax was always looking for a little. “If we are last, it may be because we deserve to be.” To this is now added the uncertainty weighing on Swiss football, with a season that may not come to an end if a new outbreak of coronavirus impacted another team than Zurich. “In high places,” says Nuzzolo, “some people are paid to make decisions. We have to admit that they are not doing their job. That said, when you’re last, you can only close it. ”

And focus on what Xamax still masters. In order to see a video emerge on Wednesday evening highlighting its ability to bounce back?


Created: 07.13.2020, 6:24 p.m.


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