World For a day, a young Czech rules the Instagram...

For a day, a young Czech rules the Instagram of the British royal family

Wednesday, August 12th can be a very normal day if you haven’t entered the competition for Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DofE) and the jury did not decide that you are the one who deserves to win. The award has been dedicated to people aged 14 to 24 for a quarter of a century on World Youth Day. And a great attraction of this year was, among other things, the chance to become the face of instagram stories in the official account of the British royal family with more than eight million followers for 24 hours.

The program aims at personal development and it’s just a matter of everyone paying attention to what they enjoy and pursuing their goal. The result can be, for example, a nice mention in the CV or benefits for studying abroad. This year, this program is also underlined by a coronavirus pandemic, and all the selected winners were involved in noble activities, volunteering and helping others.

The DofE Foundation, sponsored by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has been leaving the floor to the younger in recent years. This year, too, young people from all over the world were addressed by Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.

“Many thanks to all the young people involved in the pandemic, caring, volunteering or being key employees, and especially if they are members of DofE. This International Youth Day, in honor of those to whom this day belongs, we want to leave space in our official instagram account and show the stories of several inspiring people from all over the world so that they can show what makes the world different. Here they are, “says Edward in the last instagram contribution The Royal Family account.


One of the instagram stories inserted by Teresa.

“Hello, good people, I greet you from Kenya! My name is Gregory and I’m twenty years old. As part of my activity, I am interested in agriculture, specifically the increase in agricultural production, “introduces the first of the winners. Gregory represents their family farm, where he grows food not only for his family, but also for the village. And after a few instagram stories with a young Kenyan man… “Hi, my name is Tereza and I’m from the Czech Republic!”

Before the pandemic, psychology student Tereza Stiborská volunteered within the DofE program and beyond. As he explains in his stories published on the Instagram of the British royal family, before the pandemic, she took care of a lady in a wheelchair, with whom she went for walks, talked to her and spent time with her. After the arrival of coronavirus, she switched to social media and devoted her time to those who felt depressed and lonely, especially during Easter, when people could not visit spiritual places. Among other things, she also sewed veils and supplied them to the neighborhood.

In addition to Gregory from Kenya and Tereza from the Czech Republic, Metta and Jordan from Indonesia and Rochelle from Canada also won awards.


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