For bankruptcies and high bills. How to make complaints to "Telecom Egypt"


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For bankruptcies and the increase in bills .. How to lodge complaints to "Telecom Egypt" from the site of Masress, Saturday 10 November 2018.

For bankruptcies and high bills. How to make complaints to "Telecom Egypt"

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As a continuation of the services offered by Watan to its readers, and to facilitate the public to communicate with Telecom Egypt to report failures to the fixed network or bring back high bills, we show you how to forward the complaints in the following lines.
– through the service of the Egyptian Telecom number 111.
– or by sending an e-mail to Telecom Egypt [email protected]
– If the problem is not solved by Telecom Egypt, or if the phone does not work properly, you can contact the National Telecommunications Authority in number 155.
– You can lodge a complaint for failure to answer the phone or delay the reactivation of the transmission service by registering your details via the website from here: "Four-digit name, mobile number, telephone number, central office, payment date of the invoice ", then press" Send ". Together with the customer service of TE, such data, repairs and malfunctions must be sent within 48 hours from the date of shipment.

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Source: Masress



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