For better management of multiple sclerosis

The management of multiple sclerosis was, on Saturday, at the heart of the 2nd edition of the scientific day of the Noor hospital center, health center of the AMH Group and first hospital establishment for rehabilitation and rehabilitation in Morocco.

Multiple sclerosis (MS), explain the experts and specialists in the field, is a disease of the central nervous system that affects the brain and the spinal cord, hence the importance of providing the means for optimal care. sick people.

On this occasion, the medical director of the Noor center for rehabilitation and adaptation, Mazouzy Ilham indicated that multiple sclerosis is the first non-traumatic cause of disability in young people, stressing that the treatments for multiple sclerosis have known spectacular progress in recent years.

Daily, confronted with the challenge of functional, motor or cognitive disabilities, the hospital center wishes to share its expertise and exchange with the various national and international actors in order to better follow the evolutions of MS, and thus better take charge of this pathology, she pointed out.

This day aims to compare and promote the different approaches, scientific projects and experiences of health actors, promote scientific monitoring by disseminating new advances on the subject, facilitate exchanges between professionals with complementary profiles, encourage fruitful collaborations and bring out new subjects for research and reflection.

On the program, 5 thematic plenary sessions and two workshops, led by eminent national and international specialists.

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