For better visibility in autumn and winter: so the old headlights are light again

Updated on 09 November 2018, 16:51

Autumn and winter naturally bring shorter days, cloudy weather and unfavorable light conditions. The dark season therefore gives all road users a worse visibility in traffic. The help is provided by luminous headlights, which ensure that drivers are seen and seen better.

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If you have a very modern car with laser light, the lack of brightness should not be a problem in principle. Even with LED lights or xenon headlights, road lighting should be sufficient.

But what can you do if, for example, the light of your halogen headlights is not (or not) bright enough? We will tell you how you can improve the light output of the headlights of your vehicles and what you should pay attention to.

Clean the headlight

First of all, the headlights should be clean. A soft fabric cloth and some hot water are generally sufficient for external cleaning. In this way, not only the old dirty headlights are bright again, but also new.

The dirty headlight glass not only reduces light output, but can also provide diffused light. This, in turn, is a danger because it could dazzle incoming traffic as significantly as if the car headlights were set incorrectly.

If you want to clean the headlights thoroughly, you can clean the reflectors inside. Over time, however, reflective elements can "become blind". So, depending on the measure, it should be considered an exchange. The same is true for the glass of the lighthouse.

For example, if it is very cloudy or milky due to its age, even a thorough cleaning inside and outside does not provide much better light. Depending on the brand in these cases, the purchase of new projectors may be cheaper.

Change light bulbs

While replacing a complete projector usually requires a visit to the laboratory, changing a light bulb can often be done in a few simple steps. The exception is represented by car models in which the average consumer has to change the lamp in the workshop.

Therefore, in many cases it is worth changing light bulbs. If you wish to use a more powerful lamp than before, you must first check the manufacturer or owner's manual of the vehicle approved for the respective vehicle type.

Changing light bulbs is often possible to increase the light output of the headlights compared to the old lamps for a small amount of money. About 10-20 euros cost brightest light bulbs from famous manufacturers. For this price also very resistant "Longlife" models are available. Their life span is about four or five years, the lights of "normal" cars continue to depend on the manufacturer or the quality sometimes only for a year. Attention: the Proibidden are particularly bright special lamps as they are used in rally sport and offer up to 100 watts instead of the 55 watts allowed.

Update the old lighthouses

If you think your properly regulated halogen headlights are not bright enough, even when they are clean and with more powerful bulbs, then only one conversion will help.

You should consider this, for example, if you do not feel safer in low light conditions in autumn or in general in the dark behind the wheel.

The transition from halogen headlights to LED or xenon technology, however, is only possible if there is a particular technology for the vehicle type. If in doubt, a repair shop can give you information about it.

The update should still be a professional and can be associated with relatively high costs.
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