For fans of Huawei products, stay tuned for the foldable Mate X3

The Chinese company Huawei revealed its plans to start working on developing a new version of the company’s foldable phones, which will be launched soon, titled Mate X3.

The Chinese giant Huawei tended to change the design of its foldable phone Mate X2, as the company returned to the original design of this category of the company’s phones in 2022.

The Mate Xs 2 comes with a lower pricing level, but reports indicate that the screen size of 7.8 inches is a weak point in the design of this version.

And in new leaks published via “Wangzai Knows Everything” on the Weibo platform, it was indicated that Huawei will make a new modification in the design of the next version, “Mate X3”, as it adopts the design of the Galaxy Z Fold4, which is characterized by the protection of the largest internal screen of 8 inches in the outer cover.

The source of the leaks also confirms that Huawei has already developed the prototype of the Mate X3 phone in preparation for the transition to the mass production stage.

On the other hand, expectations indicate that Huawei offers the third generation of foldable phones at a good pricing level, but it only supports connection to 4G/LTE networks, with a dedicated model of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip.

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