For irregularities in a public procurement procedure: (…)

Administrative sanctions were imposed on the general manager and four agents of the Road Infrastructure and Land Development Company (SIRAT SA) involved in irregularities noted in the context of a public procurement procedure. The news was made public at the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

The contract of the general manager of SIRAT SA is terminated and his dismissal pronounced as well as the dismissal of other agents, whether civil servants or contract employees under public law of the State. This is one of the decisions from the Council of Ministers this Wednesday. According to the statement of the Council, the respondents were involved in irregularities related to a procedure for the award of public contracts. “The Minister of Public Service and Labor reported to the Council that, within the framework of the procedure for awarding public contracts by invitation to tender for the relocation of the network of the National Water Company of Benin ( SONEB), in connection with the construction project of the Cotonou interchange at the Vèdoko crossroads, irregularities have been noted,” the Council statement said. Also, the report of the Council specified that: “the persons implicated being the general manager of SIRAT SA and four of his collaborators, the administrative procedures were subsequently carried out against them”.

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