"For me it is suffering to have this body and to be taken seriously"

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The smile of Alba Carrillo (Madrid, 1986) in front of the camera is the smile of someone who has been posing for years. Neither too casual, nor too pretentious. Not too artificial; nor excessively natural. She measures every movement of her feet and hands, something she doesn’t do (nor wants to do) with words. Because Carrillo has been posing for as many years as he has been writing, although many would not imagine it. To its facets of publicist, model, presenter and collaborator Now the role of author is added. “People who do know me had encouraged me to write a book because I have always felt very comfortable expressing myself in this way, but I had never had the opportunity to open myself up.”

His (forced) escape from television convinced him that it was time to do it. He had plenty of time and attitude to spare. From both conditions arises Ready for life (Montena), a set of autobiographical reflections that is published on October 5 and that has left behind, he confesses, “a trail of sleepless nights.” This editorial debut, which calls it “redemption”has awakened a fallow passion in her: she is already preparing her next literary project, where she combines the essay with the novel.

The degree of liberation to which Carrillo refers has a lot to do with his interventions in different television programs: the most controversial, the least calm. His vehemence in addressing issues of the heart has cost him employment contracts like the one that linked it to Mediaset until the beginning of the year, before the change in the group’s communication policy occurred. As for keeping quiet, she has already admitted that it is not her thing. “It’s funny to me when they say: ‘It just doesn’t have filters’. My goodness, what I’m saying isn’t even 5% of what this little head thinks, so imagine. It’s normal that I get migraines, right?” laughs.

Restless and persistent since she was a child, her obsession with reinventing herself led her to enroll in Criminology in 2019 because, at some point, he would like to become an events commentator. He has three subjects left to finish his degree; He will now take a break to present the book throughout Spain and pursue a master’s degree in Digital Communication with the aim of specializing in marketing. “My notions about advertising are obsolete, I feel that I have to update myself to progress. I don’t understand any other way to seek new horizons than through training,” she says.

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