«For me music is the day to day for everything»

Rafa Caballero is an artist on all four sides because he has an unusual creativity with instruments, which are his life. When he is not learning a new instrument that gives him even more agility than he has, he prepares new groups in his recording studio and makes sure that everything goes well and has a good sound, which is the important thing.
What is music in your life?
For me music is the day to day for everything. As my friend Carlos Cuevas says: “You don’t like music.” If it is not playing, it is a production, but it is learning a new device, knowing new or more instruments.
How many instruments do you play today?
Well, well I think none, but so I can defend myself less the wind ones that are the most difficult. But to express things it helps me a lot.
Nowadays it can be said that you have a lot of groups and that generally has a dizzying schedule because it does not stop.
Before the current situation I was in a lot of bands, but with the pandemic almost everything has fallen. It is a pity. People are trying to do things, but the current situation causes them to suspend and I am enjoying this period as much as I can. There are always things to do.
How has the crisis affected music since you have lived it closely?
In a total way. I agree with the Mute association of musicians, because they say that not only musicians, but technicians, conductors, editors have been left with nothing.
He also has a recording studio.
Yes, I have a small studio called La Casa en el Arbol, where I produce small groups that I like or that I think I can contribute something to.
What are your musical references?
Well yes, I have to start with clear musical references. I have to talk about Nono for my friends because he introduced me to the world of The Stone Roses in the 90’s. And of the current groups I really like the Bon Iver.
What are your projects at present?
I have a lot. I’m making the next Swinging Cat Club Band album, I just finished in the studio an audiobook with La Chicacharcos that has come out for a production company in Paris that is for children and has been very successful in France and they want to bring it to Spain. We have finished the Women’s Day song. With Burrito Panza we are preparing some new videos, with Colorado a rehearsal to play on January 2nd. Some concerts with La Chicacharcos in Madrid, because we are playing a lot there. With the Gafapasta we are doing a concert. I’m also preparing the Innocents tour, which is the last group I produced that is doing very well, and they have even signed a company. While the Los Flamencos tour is quite stopped. We also have a very cool song from the Polar Kingdom that we are going to make the video in the Studio field and then we will mix it all up in the Tree House.
Is there a lot of talent in the unknown?
Yes, right now I’m producing a boy called Ezeko who does very cool things, he’s young and I loved him. And another young woman named Amanda who came second in a Talent Show in Colombia. There are good people


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