for parents and their lawyer, it is a collective crime

36 years after the murder of little Grégory, the investigation was relaunched last month. The threatening letters sent to the parents of the little boy will be analyzed using a new technique: stylometry. The president of the investigative chamber of the Dijon Court of Appeal, Dominique Brault, recently conducted hearings of witnesses, people who are part of the entourage of the Villemin family or the neighborhood. Other hearings, of investigators or journalists, are planned.

The lawyer of the Villemin couple, Thierry Moser published his memoirs, “Word of lawyer” at the beginning of January in which the Mulhouse penalist recounts his profession, through the various cases he has handled. It is Jean-Marie Villemin, the father of Grégory, who has not spoken publicly since 2006, who signed the afterword of the book.

Soon a trial at the assizes?

In interview with Franceinfo, Thierry Moser and the parents of the child found dead in Vologne in 1984 estimate ” that it is a collective crime committed by different characters ». « We pretty much see who did what, and how and why. Still need to be demonstrated », Explains the lawyer. According to Thierry Moser, Jean-Marie Villemin regrets “ infinitely “For killing his cousin Bernard Laroche,” even if he continues to think that Bernard Laroche is involved in the criminal act of which Grégory is the victim ».

With the reopening of the investigation, Me Thierry Moser says he hopes ” within two or three years an appearance at the assizes of the person or persons responsible for this abje crimect ”. Even today, the Villemins hope that justice will be done. ” What I admire about the Villemin couple is that they have no acrimony, they have no hatred, they have no desire for revenge. They simply have a desire for justice, for serenity. »


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