Sport "For something it is": Toranzo spoke of River and...

“For something it is”: Toranzo spoke of River and did not hesitate when answering, what did he say?

To an institution like River it is not enough to qualify it only for the performance of what is seen on the field of play. There are things that go in other ways, which many times are not in view of the partners and fans. Only some protagonists, like Patricio Toranzo, can attest to what is done. And precisely the steering wheel expressed his opinion on the work of the inferiors.

«The inferiors of River at that time they were excellent, “said the player in reference to the moment he joined the minor divisions of the Millionaire. And he added: “The club has always maintained a very good line and for something is the hotbed of the world. It is not the first time that the training of players stands out, in the week Juan José Borrelli had already done it.

When asked which was the best team he was part of, he chose two institutions. Both, in different ways, meet in his heart. «At the level of play, the best team I integrated was the one from 2009 with a hurricane. But at the level of colleagues, the best was that of River in 2004, “he revealed in an interview he had with Sintonía Monumental. That squad of which he was part was champion of the hand of Astrada Black, in the Clausura Tournament.

On the other hand, they invited him to choose the podium of the teams that should be considered great in Argentine soccer. The answer? It brought some surprises. «River, Boca, Racing, Hurricane and Velez are the largest teams in Argentina, “he said. The missing squad is San Lorenzo, which he has a certain rejection of for being identified with the partiality of the Globo de Parque Patricios.

Despite the great memory he has for the shirt of River, his personal statistics are not so encouraging. Since he only played in 4 games. «I had no regrets with the river because it was extraordinary to live so many years and learn so many things. It is the largest in Argentina without a doubt, I know it from his inferiors and from what he lived there, “he concluded. However in his short stay he scored a goal, he did it in front of Lanús.


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