for the european press, a ” green wave “, which weakens Macron

In unison, the european newspapers are “green wave “that swept France after the victory of the environmentalists in several large cities in France, Sunday, June 28, during the municipal elections. Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lyon, Tours, Besancon, Poitiers, Annecy, Marseille : “the candidates environmentalists won major victories “ across the country, note The Guardian. This second round of the elections, postponed because of the sars coronavirus, now also does a “major setback “ the movement of the president and Emmanuel Macron, The Republic in march. “The party failed to gain a foothold locally, four years after its creation “notes the british newspaper. The victory of Anne Hidalgo, in Paris, was also presented as a victory for the environment : “the socialist, supported by Europe Ecology-The Greens and the communists, has made the fight against climate change and pollution key elements of his program “.

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“Like dominoes, the large cities of France have fallen for the first time in the camp of the Greens “the tip also In The Evening, in Brussels. This “tsunami “ deals a terrible snub to Emmanuel Macron “. The Timehim, concludes from this victory that “the French now considered by ecologists as managers, capable of managing large cities “. For the swiss newspaper, the policy lessons of its results are multiple. “The margin of manoeuvre of Emmanuel Macron is found to be narrow, between a prime minister with the legitimacy strengthened, a right which takes its roots in the land, a far-right, rooted, and Green goes to steal his trump card in the presidential election : the renewal of French political “. It stresses that “the green wave comes on the eve of the reception on Monday by the French president, of the 150 citizens drawn at random from the “‘convention’ on climate” “, which proposes a referendum eco-friendly.

“A poor performance” for the RN

The Süddeutsche Zeitung is also the unprecedented success of the Greens and their allies and the defeat severe of The Republic on : “the presidential party had failed to conquer the capital and to impose in other cities “. “There are just three years old, the young party had won the majority of seats in the national Assembly “recalls the German newspaper. Pointing the “popularity of the prime minister than the president “ and his handling of the health crisis, he also looks into the effects of the victory of Edouard Philippe in le Havre, then that a reorganization was announced after the election.

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El Pais stresses that “the advance of the environmentalists, in alliance with other forces of the left “ occurs within the context of the pandemic due to the coronavirus ; it also points to the abstention on the record and the failure of The Republic in works like “the other lessons of this election,”. Geographic proximity forces, the Spanish newspaper insists on victory at Perpignan-Louis Aliot, the national Gathering. “The Catalan city of French is the largest city governed by the extreme right, which prevailed at Toulon in the 1990s “, recalls the daily. It considers, however, that beyond this victory “symbolic “the election offers “a poor performance “ for the RN, which has also lost its sole municipality in Marseille.

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