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Sunday 20 January 2019

Books – Mohammed Nassar:

A few hours later, Cairo will be at an appointment with an event that will not be repeated very often: at 4:35 minutes Monday morning and for 5 hours and 9.49 minutes, the Earth will witness the first lunar eclipse of the & # 39; year, which coincides with the completion of the month of Jumada I 1440 AH. This eclipse comes from the total type in which the shadow of the Earth will cover 120% of the lunar disk.

The inhabitants of Cairo can see this phenomenon where the Helwan Observatory opens its doors at night to the public and amateur astronomers to follow this phenomenon.

The inhabitants of Cairo can see only 3 phases in 7 stages of the total eclipse that the moon will pass the next night, that is to say the beginning of the eclipse sub-shade – the beginning of the 39; partial eclipse – the beginning of the total eclipse.

Residents of Cairo will not be able to see the remaining four phases due to sunrise at 6.51 minutes in Cairo local time, after the start of the total eclipse phase of the moon in ten minutes.

The "Moon of the Wolf" is what looks like a burning night, is the traditional name of the moon completed in January, when the wolves howled by the sound that helps to determine the winter.

The moon will enter the early stages of the total eclipse, the phase of the eclipse of the under-shade at 4:35 am on Monday morning at the local time in Cairo, then the partial eclipse phase will start at 5.33, followed from the start of the total eclipse to 6.40 hours.

The eclipse will then reach the peak of the total eclipse at 7.12 and the end of the total eclipse at 7.43, the moon will begin to come out of the eclipse at the end of the eclipse partial that will occur at 20:14 pm. The moon will end the eclipse at the end of the eclipse. 9:49.



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