For the first time in history, NASA is able to record the voice of Mars – the seventh day

Seven days Plus

NASA-based sensors were able to record the "voice of Mars", the first event in history since the beginning of the red planet's human invasion, in which NASA released a video on Twitter. recording of the wind sound on the surface of Mars Red Planet.

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According to the American website Engadget, a vocal recording of wind sounds on Mars was recorded, recorded by the air pressure sensor developed in Great Britain, while the probe detected a low "rumble" or "shrill" sound caused from vibrations caused About air on Mars.

"The sound of the wind on Mars reminds us to sit on the balcony and hear the sound of the light wind on a summer evening," said Don Banfield, a professor at Cornell University.

However, the sound of the winds of Mars has a different meaning, since it is the first time that you hear the human ear from the sound of Mars, while recording this sound from the place where the vehicle was sent and landed on the surface of Mars. several days ago.

The probe was able to record the sounds of air on Mars by the ultrasensitive earthquake monitoring sensor and the air pressure sensor. The recording took place in different ways, according to the British newspaper Mirror. The earthquake monitoring sensor recorded the vibrations during the wind movement and moved on the solar panels of the probe, while the air pressure probe records the air vibrations caused by the direct air change. .



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