For the first time in history, Tesla’s stock price exceeded $ 500. Six months ago, the company was half the price


The price of shares of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla on the stock exchange on January 13 for the first time in the company’s history exceeded $ 500. Since the opening of trading, the share price has increased by 10%, at the time of writing the note, it is 525 dollars.

In less than a month, Tesla shares rose 20% – this happened against the background of the start of deliveries of Tesla 3 to buyers from China. These models are assembled at the company’s factory in Shanghai, which was opened only a year ago, the only one outside the United States.

Tesla’s total capitalization now exceeds $ 91 billion, which, according to Techcrunch, is more than the capitalization of Ford and General Motors combined.

Over the past eight months, the value of Tesla shares has tripled – at the end of May 2019 they cost $ 177 apiece, and in the summer and early autumn their price was around $ 250.



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