Health For the first time in weeks, Spaniards exercise outdoors

For the first time in weeks, Spaniards exercise outdoors

Thousands of Spaniards got up early this Saturday to fasten their shoes for the first time in seven weeks of confinement after the government would end the ban on exercising outdoors.

Dressed in sportswear, the early risers took to the streets at six o’clock to run, bike, and hike intensely, and many took extra precautions to relax unaccustomed muscles and avoid a sprained ankle that would ruin the joy of regaining exercise out of home.

Some runners wore face masks despite the difficulty they cause in breathing. The Spanish health authorities have recommended the use of face masks to reduce the possibility of infection by the virus what causes the COVID-19.

After a 20-minute jog in Barcelona, ​​Cristina Palomeque, 36, was taking a break when asked how she felt.

” Well, very tired. I haven’t been exercising for six weeks and it shows that I’m in poor shape, ” he said. She said she was tired of working out at home, taking zumba and yoga classes online.

” There are people who think it is too early and think the same, but it is also important to exercise for the Health” he added.

A sunny sky in Barcelona drew many to the promenade near the beach, which is still closed to visitors. Be supposed to people must respect a distance of two meters from each other, but the crowds in some places made it impossible.

Eduardo Conte, 37, said he woke up too early not to find the place too crowded and said he had a calm race to avoid injury.

” Today we are taking a new step in confinement relief measures, but we must do so with prudence and responsibility. The virus It’s still there, ” the president of the Spanish government tweeted.

Since Spain began their house confinement on March 14, only adults could go out to buy food, medicine and other essential goods, or to walk their dogs close to home. All commuting was prohibited, but unavoidable commuting to and from work is now allowed, as authorities encourage people who can work from home to continue doing so.

Spain has detailed a complex plan of return to normality that will vary according to the province. Those with fewer cases and with sufficient medical attention capacity to handle a rebound of the virus will be the first to enjoy greater relaxation of the measures.

The confinement, among the strictest in the world, has managed to reduce daily increases in confirmed cases, from more than 20% to less than 1%, thus avoiding the collapse of hospitals.

Spain exceeds 25 thousand deaths due to coronavirus

Spain reported this Saturday a daily increase of 276 deaths from the pandemic, to a total of 25,100 deaths confirmed by the virus. That is less than the numbers of more than 900 deaths a day a month ago. The total number of patients confirmed until Saturday was 216,582.




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