For the first time, they recognize the right to compensation for damages to a pensioner who was denied maternity supplement

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The Superior Court of Xustiza of Galicia has recognized for the first time the right to compensation for damages to a pensioner who was denied a maternity supplement by Social Security.

In a ruling of October 30 released by the TSXG, the social chamber of the court has estimated the pensioner’s claimwhich there was complained in a court in Vigo to collect the maternity bonus in your pension by appealing to the violation of equality.

This resolution comes after the ruling issued last September by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in which it decreed, in response to a preliminary question raised by the court itself, that Spain had to compensate parents who had judicially claimed their maternity supplement.

Now recognize for the first time the right of an appellant to be compensated by the National Social Security Institute with 1,500 euros for the damages caused, derived from the violation of the fundamental right to equality.

The TSXG understands that the amount set – 1,500 euros – is sufficient to “fully compensate for the damages actually suffered as a result of discrimination, according to the applicable national regulations, including costs and attorney’s fees that the interested party has incurred during the judicial procedure”.

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