For the Police Day, the glory of ATGW has opened a provocative art object. PHOTO

The authors were Slava ATGM and Sergey KarevInstagram, Glory to ATGM

From the day of the employee of the internal business organs of Russia, a new object of art appeared on the embankment of Moscow. Instead of a standard storm lattice, a sculpture appeared where the hands are held around the bars. The author was created by the famous street artist Ekaterinburg Slava PTRK.

The new art object was called "Very Close" and was made of steel. Images of the Glory ATGM sculpture published on his Instagram page. The artist on the metal Sergey Karev became the co-author of the installation. Netizens enthusiastically accepted the news. "Well, the lesson!" "This is very strong." "Gloria, you're irresistible", "This is the best", commentators wrote.

At the end of July, Slava ATGW (a native of Shadrinsk, Kurgan Oblast) erected a monument to selfishness in Yekaterinburg, which blocked the way for pedestrians. Object of art appeared on the Lunacarsky street. It was made in the form of a huge "I" letter in red. The installation was carried out within the Carte Blanche partisan art festival.

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