For the purpose of rape, they attacked Yana Poplavskaya in a reserved place


The 52-year-old Russian actress and television presenter Yana Poplavskaya, famous throughout the Soviet Union, Little Red Riding Hood, spoke on the NTV channel on the NTV channel of a terrible accident that happened while she was traveling in a private wagon. A traveling companion tried to rape her there.

According to the actress, this happened in her youth. For some reason, the man called it "Mouse". According to Poplavskaya, he kept saying, "Mouse, I like you so much."

At one point, the girl realized that he had put a knife on her shoulder blades and that she could have killed if she had taken a shot. Then the actress asked the man to smoke and started talking to him, telling her he had a small child. The man continued to say, "You are so brave, mouse."

Somehow, after all, she managed to talk to the stranger and he let her go. The actress remembers that she has crouched silently on the bottom shelf and has only thought about how to survive and return to her son.

"Not one person on the train sympathized with me. No one believed me. Everyone thought I got drunk," Poplavskaya added.

He noted that since then he has never driven in reserved places.



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