For the spokesperson of the election commission, the decision on the list of “Democratic Bulgaria” in Stara Zagora is absurd – Bulgaria

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Central Election Commission (CEC) member and spokesman Tsvetozar Tomov criticized his colleagues for their solution to the problem of registering the Democratic Bulgaria list in Stara Zagora. He told BNT that it was “completely absurd”.

Tomov, who is from the quota of Democratic Bulgaria, added that he could not comment on the case as a CEC spokesman because he strongly disagreed with the decision. He added that he could express his personal opinion, but not argue the commission’s opinion on the issue.

During the week, first the district and then the CEC refused to register the lists due to the lack of valid documents. The CEC explained that the paper documents were copies of documents signed with an electronic signature. They defended their decision, citing the Electoral Code, which explicitly mentions the use of electronic signatures only in cases where voters sign in support of a party or candidate, which is not the case. Democratic Bulgaria objected. that both the Electronic Documents Act and a European regulation accept the terms “signature” and “qualified electronic signature” as equivalent.

“My personal opinion is that this was a very serious mistake of the CEC, or rather it failed to correct the mistake of the regional election commission. It is an attempt to register with electronic signatures of documents. From the inspection that the CEC made after took this decision, it was found that there are 12 more district election commissions, in which the coalition has registered in the same way without any problems, “explained the CEC spokesman.

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Tomov clarified that the commission has decided to check the registrations with electronic signatures in the previous elections – on April 4 and July 11. According to him, it will probably turn out that there are such registrations there as well.

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