Forcing its user to go to the hospital, Apple Watch once again saved lives

Technology can be annoying sometimes, but when someone’s life is saved by technology, every complaint is forgotten. Apple Watch Smartwatches like smartwatches are responsible for saving many lives around the world. In the latest story on 9to5Mac, actively using the Apple Watch Ken Counihan It has an inspiring story. Counihan, whose life was saved thanks to the device’s sophisticated health monitoring features, used his Apple Watch to track his exercises, monitor his sleep and listen to music. But one day, he got a warning about a high respiratory rate from his watch.

Initially, Counihan he thought it was just bronchitis and didn’t take it too seriously. However Apple Watch, He continued to monitor his health and soon detected low oxygen levels.

Forcing its user to go to the hospital, Apple Watch once again saved lives

This was another sign that something was wrong. This time, Counihan took it seriously and went to the emergency room. Doctors discovered that he had blood clots in his lung. This is fatal, and without the Apple Watch, Counihan would have died overnight.

This event highlights the trend for patients to monitor their health using wearable devices such as smartwatches and provide important data to doctors. Cleveland Clinic’teki emergency medicine specialist Dr. Lucy Franjic, He says more patients are coming in with test results from their smartwatches and other devices. These data can help doctors diagnose underlying problems and prevent life-threatening emergencies. Counihan’s His story is a compelling memoir that is a powerful reminder of the life-saving potential of wearable technology.

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