Forcing Yourself to Join the Andalusian MotoGP Qualification, Marc Marquez Feels His Arms Like Burning Page all – Repsol Honda mainstay rider, Marc Marquez, told the condition of his injured arm when forced himself to follow the qualifications MotoGP Andalusia 2020.

Even though his condition is not yet excellent, Marc Marquez was determined to take part in the third and fourth free practice sessions (FP3 and FP4) and MotoGP qualification Andalusia, Saturday (7/25/2020) yesterday.

The racer nicknamed The Baby Alien was initially also determined to go down in the race MotoGP Andalusia scheduled to be held at the Jerez Circuit, Spain, Sunday (07/26/2020) evening hrs later.

However, Marquez’s intention to return to competition finally came to a halt.

Marc Marquez decided to withdraw from the Andalusian MotoGP after feeling that his arm injury worsened during the qualifying session.

Marquez admitted that pain in his right arm suddenly doubled.

In fact, Marquez felt his arm burning.

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Do not want to take risks, the Spaniard finally chose to cancel appearing in the second MotoGP race this season.

“It feels like it’s burning or something like that. My arms are getting a little bigger and maybe they’re also pressing on some nerves,” Marc Marquez said. from Crash.

“I lost energy in my second attempt at a few corners that I didn’t expect,” Marquez said.

“At that point, you need to be honest with the body and understand the situation. That’s what I do.”

“I went into the garage and immediately reported to the team what happened, that I would try Q1.

“On the first lap, if I felt the same way, I would give up. That’s what I did.”

After realizing that the condition of his arm had worsened, Marc Marquez finally gave up.

“The mind plays a big role. When I say to myself ‘I can’t (continue)’, the pain multiplies 2-3 times!” said Marc Marquez.

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“However, the mind must also know the body very well and know the limits of suffering and how far you can go,” Marquez explained.

Marc Marquez admitted that he had worked according to his capacity at the Jerez Circuit on Saturday.

“What I have done all week is to follow my instincts and listen to my body, and try to follow (my body’s) desires,” Marquez said.

“On Monday, I’d say it’s impossible to race at Jerez.”

“But then on Tuesday, Dr. Mir did a good job (with surgery to recover the injury).”

“Then on Wednesday, I can do push-ups and return to my home in Cervera and wear racing clothes and ride on a motorcycle.”

“Then I said ‘this is possible’. I started talking to Honda and the team, they wanted to save me, but we made a deal that I would try it on Saturday and be really honest. That’s what I did.”

“On Thursday, the medical tests were very hard. I thank Dr. Charte because he really pushed me with push-ups and everything; my energy was there and my muscles worked well,” Marquez said again.

In accordance with the agreement with the Honda camp, Marc Marquez had just started his Andalusian 2020 MotoGP race week on Saturday (7/25/2020).

He recorded the 19th fastest lap time when he went down in the third free practice session, aka free practice 3 (FP3).

Marquez then corrected his lap time record to 16th position on FP4 before finally deciding to resign in the qualifying session.

Despite having surrendered in Andalusia, Marquez also claimed to be trying to return to the race track during the third series of the season, namely in the Czech Republic MotoGP.

Czech Republic MotoGP will be held at the Brno Circuit, 7-9 August.

With the withdrawal of Marc Marquez from the Andalusia 2020 MotoGP race, Repsol Honda will only depend on Alex Marquez.

In the qualifying session, Marc Marquez’s younger brother, who was a first season racer alias, could only record the fastest lap time of the 21st.

That is, Alex Marquez will start the race from the 21st start position alias the most protruding. (Diya Farida Purnawangsuni)


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