Ford E-Tourneo Courier applies to the European market (+ PHOTO)

Ford has demonstrated the fully electric vehicle E-Tourneo Courier, which will become available on the European market at the end of 2024.

During the presentation, Ford said that the internal combustion engine model Tourneo Courier will start in the summer of 2023. In the new generation, it is a 4.40 m long five-seater vehicle with a high roof and a spacious luggage compartment that is 44 percent larger than the current generation model.

The trunk of the fully electric E-Tourneo Courier is just as much larger, and under the front hood there is a place for another 44-liter compartment. Expected to arrive in late 2024, the car is as practical as an internal combustion engine model, with a digital instrument panel and Ford SYNC 4 multimedia system combined with a 12-inch touchscreen and receiving software updates via Over the Air (OTA) capability.

The driver will have three driving modes (Eco, Normal, Smooth) and the “One Pedal” function at the strongest recuperation level.

It is known that the E-Tourneo Courier will be powered by a 100 kW (136 hp) electric motor, but the manufacturer has not yet disclosed information about the battery capacity and the possible range of the vehicle.

Tourneo Courier – internal combustion engine model

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