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One is a race car that wears almost no disguise. The other is an American icon.

They are both Ford, and they are both GTs. But as you can imagine, there's only one small difference between the Ford GT supercar and the Ford Mustang GT.

We traveled to California to get both for a thrill back to back.

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2018 Ford GT

A racing car is reborn

Let's first make a return trip with the Ford GT. The GT, or the GT40, roared from the skunkworks of Carroll Shelby and claimed the podium of the 1966 Le Mans 24 Hours (Editor's note: all) and he ran in folklore. The cars designed by Shelby finished 1-2-3 and climbed over the Ferrari.

Ford revived the GT briefly in 2004 with a retro-styled, central-engine supercar. In 2016, the Blue Oval has once again done with a central engine daemon built with racing and the 50th anniversary of that 1-2-3 in mind.

The current GT sports supercars and racing car credentials inside and out. It is built around a carbon fiber tub. Even most of the body panels are made of carbon fiber. The jet-inspired body has an active aerodynamics front and back. That rear wing rises and falls, and helps the car to stop when it becomes a parking brake.

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2018 Ford GT

Ford inserts a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 behind the driver. It is worth 647 horsepower and 550 feet of torque, but it does not make the sounds more seductive. He cries, snorts, drone. It also destroys the tire treads, shipments from 0 to 100 km / h follow each other in less than three seconds and raises the GT to a maximum speed of 216 km / h.

A touch of turbo caused by huge turbos prevents the GT from roasting its tires. Turn it into Sport or Track mode and operate an anti-lag system raised in the race that keeps the turbos in rotation even when the driver is off. This creates an immediate reaction from the accelerator pedal once in place, and the car eats vast strips of sidewalk in precious little time.

The exciting acceleration meets an incredibly flat handling in the GT and the car reacts to the driver's inputs with a sudden feeling that you will not even find in the other supercars. The internal suspension features adjustable dampers and a dual spring system on each corner to give a tense push. A Comfort setting in Normal mode makes it a little more livable, but this is not a Sunday cruiser.

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2018 Ford GT

Turn him around to track down, and that sudden shows his face again. The hydraulics lowers the 2.0-inch GT just 2.75 inches from the ground, and it happens in a blink of an eye with a "pshhht" sound. It's based on a race car, after all, when there's no time to wait for slow-air suspension or even the hydraulic systems of most other luxury cars or supercars.

Now the handling is even more precise. The GT points from the top to the top. Not only bass in the plane, that low driving height barely allows any lean. The old school's hydraulic steering provides positive feedback as it works with huge tires to generate more grip than any other driver can use on public roads, unless that road is not the Nürburgring.

The GT is a special car that feels special behind the wheel, and asks to be driven fast and hard. To drag it down from the speeds it was built to reach, Ford equips it with massive carbon brakes that, again, feel sudden. The brake pedal is high and the braking power is staggering, helped at high speeds by that rear brake.

It may sound special, but the GT's interior is less luxurious and more basic than racing cars. In fact, it has almost no space and driver comfort is not a priority.

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2018 Ford GT

The driving position offers only two adjustments; the backrest inclines forward and backward. To customize a practical driving position, the pedals move in and out and the steering column inclines and telescopes. It works and the seat supports sport driving, but it is not comfortable all day.

The rest of the cockpit is purpose-built. Open the doors and the carbon fiber tub can be seen clearly; Ford does not bother to cover it with beautiful things. Ford also installs a very small silencer, so the engine drone and the tires on the floor are constant companions. While the dash is wrapped, a lot of low rent plastics show their clear faces. And the total interior space amounts to a glove-shaped glove compartment at the base of the driver's seat.

The only sign of modern convenience is the Sync 3 standard infotainment system with touchscreen, complete with Bluetooth, navigation and access to apps.

Strong, impractical and impossible to live with every day, the Ford GT also has race car products to make a unique drive.


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