Ford presented a new European-made electric car

Ford has unveiled the all-new Explorer electric car. The family-friendly electric SUV is the first of a wave of purely electric models to hit the European market in the coming years. The market of the old continent is mentioned for a reason, because the new model will emphasize the combination of American style and German engineering. This combination will pave the way for a completely new direction for the legendary brand on our continent.

The electric car marked with the blue oval emblem was developed in Germany. It will also be assembled in this country. The manufacturers tried to install the highest level of digital functions in it, so that drivers and passengers can be constantly connected to the network and fully use the comfort equipment during all trips.

The SYNC Move large-diagonal movable touch screen and an infotainment system that is constantly connected to the Internet are among those that provide such possibilities. It includes an audio system matched to the cabin, as well as integrated wireless apps and advanced driver assistance technologies. A practical detail: the 17-liter console holds a 15-inch laptop between the driver and front passenger.

With its adventure-oriented design and approximately 470 liters of boot space, the five-seat electric Ford is suitable for both city trips and longer outings. The electric car will be rear-wheel drive, but an all-wheel drive system can be optionally selected.

The futuristic exterior style is matched by an extremely modern interior, which uses the highest quality materials. The Explorer is fitted with sporty, precision-engineered seats and a sophisticated soundbar more typical of a revolutionary concept car than a family vehicle.

The battery of the new electric car can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in just 25 minutes, and its owners will be able to use half a million charging points in Europe next year.

The Explorer is the pioneer of a new breed of exciting electric vehicles from Ford. Steeped in our American roots, but designed in Cologne for European customers, the model is suitable for both big adventures and everyday driving, as it has everything a driver could need,” said Martin Sander, General Manager of Ford Model e Europe.

The first from the new electric car center

The new Explorer is the company’s first electric car to go into mass production at the company’s new electric vehicle center in Cologne, Germany. Ford is committed to creating a full-fledged supply of purely electric passenger cars in Europe by 2030.

The SUV’s SYNC Move infotainment system is permanently connected to the Internet and features a movable 15-inch diagonal touchscreen that can be conveniently moved up or down according to the driver’s needs. Pushing the screen opens a space for storing personal items.

A dedicated space with a wireless charger is provided for smart devices. The charger is already installed in the standard equipment. This space is enough to fit two large phones. In addition, SYNC Move remotely supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay apps.

The electric car can be quickly and conveniently charged both on the road and at home. Explorer will help you find the most convenient places to charge your batteries on the road. Charging at home can be scheduled so that it starts when the electricity tariff is cheaper. It is also possible to pre-program both the battery and the interior heating in cold weather.

In order to ensure even greater comfort, manufacturers have installed steering wheel and front seat heating as standard equipment, the driver’s seat has a massage function, and the climate control system provides the ability for the driver and front passenger to individually select the desired temperature. All specifications of SUVs are equipped with a keyless entry system, as well as a foot bridge under the rear bumper that opens the electrically operated trunk lid.

The advanced driver assistance system package includes Lane Change Assist, the first Ford vehicle in Europe, which allows the car to safely move between lanes by itself – the driver only needs to press the steering wheel. And the safe exit system warns the driver of approaching cyclists before opening the car door in busy cities.

Adventures in real life

To better showcase the Explorer’s capabilities, Ford has enlisted the help of well-known travel influencer Lexie Alford. The traveler, known to millions of followers as Lexie Limitless, became the youngest person to visit all the countries of the world. Now he will go around the world in the new electric Explorer.

Another female traveler inspired him to make such a trip. 100 years ago, Ford-sponsored Aloha Wanderwell embarked on a record-breaking round-the-world trip in a Model T. The new electric car expedition will start this year.

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