Ford’s new Mustang runs Android with Unreal Engine

The seventh generation of the iconic Ford Mustang is here. A 100% thermal equipped with a V8 engine… but also with an infotainment system a priori under Android whose interface is powered by the Unreal Engine.

Ford Mustang (2023) // Source : Ford

The legendary Mustang arrives at a troubling time for cars: fuel is expensive, electric vehicles are on the rise and governments are cracking down on anything powered by a combustion engine. So, has the seventh generation of Mustang gone hybrid or 100% electric? Well no.

Ford  – Mustang 2024 – 5
Ford Mustang (2023) // Source : Ford

Not only does it incorporate a 5-litre V8, but it’s more powerful than ever. In total, Ford evokes 500 hp. As you know, the last Ferrari Thoroughbred is the perfect example, thermal cars are not our cup of tea. However, this Mustang has something that interests us.

Android everywhere!

Android is everywhere, including in the automotive world. Some manufacturers use Android Automotive, like at Volvo et Renaultothers do it more discreetly like VinFast. At Ford, the media The Verge explains that the American manufacturer would have chosen the second option.

On paper, we end up with an infotainment system illustrated by a central 13.2-inch touchscreen equipped with the in-house Sync 4 OS, Ford’s operating system which also powers its current range, including the F-150 Lightning and the Mustang Mach-E.


On the launch videos, however, we observe a brand new user interface built around the Unreal Engine of the video game manufacturer Epic. This Mustang, even if Ford does not openly say so, would then be the first Ford to use Android. What was already announced since a few months.

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