Forecast of zone D .: calm and cold until Saturday, while the Sunday storm is still a wild card


Sunset on Dec. 5. (Tom Mockler via Flickr) TODAY & # 39; S DAILY DIGIT 5/10: Sure it's nice and partly sunny, but cold enough to make a runny nose. EXPRESS EXTENSION Today: Light breeze, quite sunny. High: 39-43 Tonight: evening clouds, cleaning at night. Minimum: 27-33 Tomorrow: Sunny. High: 38-42 View current time at the Washington Post headquarters. FORECAST IN DETAIL The current cold wave does not show signs of early departure. Below normal temperatures are expected throughout the weekend and also in the next week. Aside from the freezing temperatures, the conditions are fairly quiet until Sunday, when the next storm approaches. The latest model simulations keep a heavy snowfall especially towards our south, but the storm continues to endure surveillance. Receive our daily forecasts on your Amazon Alexa device. Click here to find out how. Today (Thursday): Cloudy spots are likely to pass over the area at times, but also very sunny. The winds are light from the west. The highs are mainly between 30 and 40 years. Trust: High tonight: Clouds are expected to rise in the evening when a higher noise level passes, but most gusts should vanish east of the mountains. The skies gradually clear up later at night. Light winds from the west persist. The minimums fall between the years' 20 and 30 years. Trust: high Follow us on Facebook, chirpingand Instagram for the latest updates. For related traffic news, check Gridlock. Continue reading for the weekend forecasts … Tomorrow (Friday): A lot of sun all day but that sun is almost the lowest in the sky that comes and is not compatible with cold air on the spot . The highs remain unusually cold between the years' 30 and the low 40s, as the winds from the north-west remain light. Trust: High Tomorrow evening: the mostly clear and cold night makes the stars shine, but it's shivering. The lows range from the years & # 39; 20. Confidence: high A LOOK IN ADVANCE Saturday starts more or less the same: so much sun but a lot of cold air to match. The clouds, at least those of high level, increase in the afternoon. The highs do not go better than the 30s up to the low ones of the 40s, so packaged if you're out to decorate or shop. The clouds thicken gradually during the night. The lows are mainly in the middle of the years & # 20; Trust: the medium-high Cloudy skies are a safe bet on Sundays, with peaks predominantly in the mid-high range of the years & # 39; When any snow could fall from those clouds it's a different thing. For now, it seems that it could take until the evening for the development of gusts. It is likely that the best chance of accumulation of snow is during the night, but it could remain in our south. The minimum falls from the middle of the years' 20 to 30 years. Confidence: Low Monday may start with some light snow, but any flakes should be reduced in the afternoon, as the storm moves away. The maximums are in the years & # 39; 30. Trust: low SNOW POTENTIAL INDEX A daily assessment of the potential for at least 1 inch of snow in the next week, on a scale of 0-10. 3/10 (→): So close but so far; most models are not willing to take the Sunday storm far enough north for more than a dusting. But changes are still possible.


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